Girls Cruise - Season 1 Episode 3

The Brand New Lil' Kim show to feature Chilli and Mýa.

Episode:3/11 eps





Season 1 - Girls Cruise
"Lil' Kim sets sail with Chilli, Mya and more friends on a 10-day cruise in the Caribbean to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones and release their fears."
"Lil Kim, Chilli, Mya and the rest of her guests jump off the yacht to catch the flavors of Barbados and pay homage to the Queen of the island herself, Rihanna! Flirtations and libations flow between B. Simone and the yacht\u2019s bartender."
"Lil Kim opens her heart and old wounds when the story of her time behind bars helps sooth a new friend. B.Simone has her eye on Rakeem and Chilli gets out of her comfort zone when she\u2019s invited to a \u201cspecial lunch\u201d by a hot member of the yacht staff."
"Troubled waters rock the boat during the 17-hour journey to Tobago; the crew celebrates Chilli's birthday; B and Dreads take their romance to the next level."
"Cabin fever hits Girls Cruise like a wave on their long way to Tobago; a friendly competition ensues."
"Girls Cruise arrives in Trinidad ready to party; love is in the air as a crew member starts crushing on Kim; competing for the number one spot, Tiffany plans an epic surprise for Queen Bee."
"Day two of Carnival has officially begun! The group gets decked out in their finest costumes and party like never before. B. Simone takes a leap of faith with her relationship with her mom. Presented by VH1."
"On the final leg of the cruise, Kim throws the ultimate yacht party complete with Soca music\u2019s biggest artist and a special, surprise performance. But the tide turns when old wounds resurface between B. Simone and Pretty Vee."
"The crew joins Jeannie Mai to relive some of the most unforgettable moments of the cruise, from Lil' Kim riding a jet pack in designer boots to Mya forgetting Tiffany's name."
"Host Jeannie Mai joins the crew as Chilli chats about her nurturing ways, Char and Tiffany dish on their nuptials, and Lil' Kim sets the record straight about her new music."