Made in Chelsea - Season 18 Episode 16

A Reality TV show documenting the antics and heartbreaks of a close knit group of twenty-somethings in London's most exclusive borough, Kensington & Chelsea.



Episode:16/260 eps

Duration:47 min




Season 1 - Made in Chelsea
"The group are brought together for a glamorous launch party hosted by 20-year-old socialite and entrepreneur Amber Atherton."
"Rosie throws a decadent dinner party where all eyes are on Caggie and Spencer's girlfriend Funda, as the two women in Spencer's life are introduced for the first time."
"Hugo invites the group to a day of country shooting. Sparks fly when Funda confronts Caggie about her feelings for Spencer."
"Ollie confides in Binky the real reason he broke up with Gabriella - and how his life is about to change dramatically. But how will Gabriella react to the news?"
"The cracks in Funda and Spencer's relationship continue to grow, and a surprise trip to Cannes for Caggie's birthday pushes Spencer to make a heartbreaking decision."
"Hugo and Spencer organise a surprise trip to Cannes to celebrate Caggie's birthday. With Millie by Caggie's side, the foursome explore the millionaires' playground on a luxury yacht, but a surprise encounter soon lands Spencer in hot water."
"It's Masquerade Ball time in Chelsea and there are a few surprises when Spencer decides to try a different approach to win the affections of childhood sweetheart Caggie. Meanwhile, Rosie is furious that Hugo has moved on so quickly with Millie after she turned him down. The ball also brings together exes Ollie and Gabriella, and what starts as their building a friendship ends in disaster when Gabriella sees him flirting with someone else."
"The friends attend a polo match in which Francis is playing and trying to make amends following Agne's resignation and his fight with Rosie. Meanwhile, Ollie encounters Gabriella on a date with her new love interest, and Spencer's efforts to move on could be made more difficult by Caggie's decision to head to New York."
Season 2 - Made in Chelsea
"The champagne-swigging socialites are back - and a lot has changed since we left them at the polo. Some scenes have been created for your entertainment. Spencer is enjoying the single life and looking forward to his birthday, but the return of an old friend adds to the excitement. Meanwhile the cracks are beginning to show between Hugo and Millie as the Chelsea rumour mill goes into overdrive and Millie is confronted with some startling news. Ollie sets up a weekend away so his best friends, Binky and Cheska can meet his new girlfriend Chloe, but the girls feel torn between Ollie and their loyalty to his ex, Gabriella."
"Millie hears via Cheska that Hugo has been cheating on her, but does she believe the rumours, and are the cracks about to turn into a split? Spencer is still playing 'friends with benefits' with Louise, but does she want more? Ollie is totally loved-up with new girlfriend Chloe but it becomes clear to Binky and Cheska that ex-girlfriend Gabriella isn't completely over him. Some scenes have been created for your entertainment."
"Gabriella is forging ahead with the song that she wrote while she was still with Ollie, much to the concern of Binky and Cheska. How will Ollie's new girlfriend Chloe react? Millie is trying to come to terms with her split from Hugo when she hears more shocking news. Francis is buoyed by the prospect of three girls after him and turns on the charm offensive at his casino-themed party, but will the diamond-mining heir shine in the ladies' man role? Some scenes have been created for your entertainment."
"Jamie is determined to bring the group together after Millie's departure by organising a country weekend away with a surprise new face for Hugo. Spencer is still caught between new girl Louise and childhood sweetheart Caggie. Francis continues to romance new love interest Natalia, but after teaching her to skateboard what will he come up with for their next date? Some scenes have been created for your entertainment."
"Caggie is still reeling from the news that Louise thinks she should 'go there' with Spencer. And when Spencer presses Caggie for answers it appears that her flirtation with Proudlock could have something to do with it. Cracks are beginning to show in Binky and Cheska's friendship and things aren't quite as rosy for Ollie and Chloe. Meanwhile, Francis is still keen on Natalia and takes her on a date that she will remember forever. Some scenes have been created for your entertainment."
"After Proudlock kisses Caggie, Spencer is determined to get the boys' minds on something more frivolous and organises a pool party. However, the girls are on a secret mission in Paris to bring back a souvenir that Hugo is not expecting. Meanwhile, Ollie and Chloe realise it's time to examine the cracks in their relationship. Some scenes have been created for your entertainment."
"Millie is back in Chelsea and Hugo is learning to be around his ex-girlfriend when Rosie delivers some news that changes everything. Caggie's cousin Alice arrives and there is chemistry between her and Caggie's ex, Proudlock. The divide continues as Ollie and Cheska feel more isolated from Binky, whose friendship with Spencer is blossoming."
"Summer tans are fading, so Jamie organises a last-minute trip to Morocco and the exotic setting brings romantic feelings to the fore for Spencer. The chemistry between Proudlock and Alice also ramps up and Ollie decides to ask her out on a date at his T-shirt launch. Millie hears Hugo is spending lots of time with old flame Rosie, while Ollie and Cheska wonder whether they'll ever make up with Binky."
"Spencer is still reeling from rejection by Caggie when he sees her on date with Thomas. Meanwhile Rosie is still offended that her best friend Millie suspected there was ever something between Rosie and Millie's ex, Hugo. Ollie is forging ahead with his book and decides to do a chapter on virginity, but asking the rest of the Chelsea set for help brings mixed results."
"It's an explosive finish to Season 2 as Millie uncovers the truth about Hugo and Rosie and outs their betrayal in front of the entire group at Francis and Mark's joint birthday party. McVitie's heir Jamie also reveals a secret that may ruin his blossoming relationship with Louise. Meanwhile, Spencer is still not talking to Caggie, which makes her realise how much their friendship means. Is she too late to retrieve the situation? Some scenes have been created for your entertainment."
"The champagne-swilling socialites get together to set the record straight on some of the most talked about scenes of the constructed drama series. There are fireworks, laughter and a few surprises as Rick Edwards hosts the proceedings while Millie, Spencer, Ollie and the gang are on hand at an exclusive Chelsea venue to answer all the burning questions from series two."
"With the party season in full swing, the Made in Chelsea cast are dressed to impress and overflowing with festive cheer. While some cosy up by log fires and celebrate in the capital, others are jetting off to a luxury secret hideaway, but don't be surprised if not everyone comes bearing good tidings. Life for the glamorous young things is anything but predictable and in Chelsea secrets don't stay secret for long. Alongside heart-warming friendships and romances, there are plenty of awkward encounters and some shocking surprises."
Season 3 - Made in Chelsea
"After finally getting together with Spencer at the end of Series 2, Caggie escaped to Australia for a holiday with Proudlock. On her return, she ignores Spencer's calls, and has another man's name tattooed on her arm. Millie has a new rapper boyfriend and an internship at a fashion magazine. Meanwhile, Hugo's found true love with his new girlfriend Natalie and is spending less time with the boys. But he's in for a nasty surprise when he finds out that Jamie and Spencer plan to move in together. Jamie and Louise's romance has fizzled out, despite neither of them wanting the relationship to end. But things could be about to change when Jamie meets Proudlock's foxy church-going friend Kimberley, who is single and looking for love. Ollie's eccentric best friend Richard is introduced to the group. A self-made millionaire at the age of 25 makes Richard hot property for Chelsea's Bridget Jones, Cheska. Ollie tries to play cupid, but it's soon apparent that Richard has already broken quite a few hearts among Ollie's friends."
"With Caggie heading off on tour, Spencer channels his frustration by taunting Jamie, but when Spencer starts meddling in Jamie's relationship with Kimberly he finds out just how far Jamie can be pushed. Rosie organises a lunch for Hugo's new lady Natalie to meet 'the girls', but excludes Millie and Caggie, who inadvertently turn up. The scowls across the room are frosty to say the least, but Natalie shocks them all when she walks over to Millie to introduce herself. Cheska plucks up the courage to ask Richard Dinan to her charity fundraising night, but things don't go to plan when Gabriella makes a move on the millionaire entrepreneur."
"The Jamie and Spencer rivalry continues with hot new girl Kimberley, who agrees to date both of them. However, Jamie realises that he still has feelings for Louise and decides it's time to lay his heart on the line. Professor Green drops off a scantily clad Millie at Harriet's pyjama party, while Mark Francis wonders at the guests' extreme bedroom attire. Party girl Gemma Gregory is back in town and in need of a job - will she be able to impress self-made millionaire Richard Dinan, who is on the look-out for a new PA? And there's a heated showdown when Gabriella discovers that Cheska has been spreading rumours about her relationship with Richard."
"Jamie and Spencer confide in each other about their recent rendezvous with Louise. Jamie says he travelled to see her in Edinburgh, while Spencer confesses he hooked up with her too. Louise says Spencer is lying, but who is playing games? The three are finally in the same room at Hugo's hotel party, where the truth is revealed. And at a Point-to-Point, it's not only horses that are racing as Richard has eyes for Kimberley, while Cheska and Gabriella have eyes for him. The sexual tension leads to another showdown between the girls. And Millie and Rosie face an emotional moment of truth about their ailing friendship."
"Louise and Jamie make a go of their romance with an unusual date, while a spurned Spencer seeks comfort in the arms of a luscious-lipped old flame. Millie makes amends with Hugo and forges a surprising relationship with his new girlfriend Natalie, annoying her nemesis Rosie. Ollie decides it's time to find himself a man, so he takes Richard out to a gay bar and attracts the attention of a hunky blonde. Fred moves into the world of art and hosts an exhibition at a gallery, where Spencer makes quite an entrance with his new plus-one. Louise is adamant that she's over Spencer, but Jamie's not so sure."
"Spencer, Hugo, Natalie, Millie, Louise and Sophie head off to Dubai for a luxury few days away and to celebrate Louise's birthday. But with Jamie stuck in England, will Louise be able to resist Spencer's flirtatious advances? Hugo introduces Natalie to his father, QC Taylor, while out in Dubai. The loving couple are totally smitten, but will they get his dad's seal of approval, and are wedding bells on the horizon? Back in Chelsea, Richard goes to brainstorm song ideas for his business advert with Gabriella. Richard's under pressure after having to fire his PA Gemma. Can Binky come to the rescue? Cheska feels protective over her new 'friend' Richard Dinan after Kimberley expresses an interest, but Richard is starting to tire of her meddlesome ways, so it might be time for a frank chat..."
"Spencer and Louise return from Dubai to find Jamie on their doorstep demanding some answers. Spencer claims his feelings for Louise are genuine and that he wants her to be his girlfriend, but she is confused and needs time to think. Millie and Natalie organise a trip to the spa to help Louise reach a decision. Rosie gets wind of it and, encouraged by Hugo, turns up to support Louise along with Cheska and Victoria. Inevitably, Millie gives them a frosty reception and another classic Millie and Rosie bust up turns a relaxing spa trip into a disaster. Back in Chelsea, Jamie finally decides to confront Spencer, but is adamant that he has no interest in being friends with him. And Louise returns from the spa with her final decision made. Meanwhile, Richard is wooing Kimberley in helicopters, fast cars and fancy restaurants, but Cheska and Binky stumble across a Kimberley secret that could sabotage everything..."
"After their dramatic return from Dubai, and having to finally confront the reality of betraying their friend Jamie, Spencer and Louise finally get a chance to just hang out in London and, despite the odd insecurity, their new relationship is blossoming. Meanwhile, Cheska and Binky are up to no good when they organise a secret meeting with Kimberley's ex-boyfriend Diego and discover that Kimberley isn't as innocent as she appears. Jamie decides to throw a Scottish Reeling party so that the gang can show off their country dancing skills. As the bagpipes play, Kimberley comes face to face with her past, with a little help from Cheska and Binky, of course. Richard is far from pleased and Kimberley storms out. Hugo finally realises that he's the only person who can resolve the Millie v Rosie stand-off, so he plots to bring them together to clear the air. But will Hugo's plan work, or will he discover that honesty isn't always the best policy?"
"Following Diego's dramatic entrance with Cheska at the Scottish reeling party, Richard has decided a romantic holiday to the Amalfi Coast is the perfect solution for him and Kimberley. But, in a hilarious sequence of events, it seems that the couple are not going to be alone. Ollie, Cheska, Binky and Gabriella are all going too. The dream trip soon becomes a nightmare as the rain beats down relentlessly and Kimberley settles old scores with Cheska. Richard tells Cheska and Binky that he doesn't approve of their meddling and a distraught Cheska wonders whether she should have kept Diego's revelations a secret rather than potentially losing a friend. Back home, Jamie is having fun with Proudlock and Francis, trying new ways of meeting 'cultured chicas'. But, having failed to bag himself a date, Jamie refuses to attend Natalie's drinks party, leading Spencer to believe that he's still holding a grudge. Elsewhere, Millie offers an olive branch to Rosie by inviting her to her make-up party, along with a new face - beautiful model Henrietta."
"Feeling the loss of his best mate Jamie, Spencer seeks advice from an old friend and flame, Caggie. Jamie and Francis audition a string of beauties in their search for Candy Kittens and they find the perfect mix of brains and beauty with new hottie Hetty (Henrietta). Following their bust-up in Italy, Kimberley meets up with Cheska, but the conversation soon turns sour and ends in a heated exchange. Richard then deals Cheska a final crushing blow, leaving her in floods of tears. Ollie throws a 1960s-themed party in the country. But there's palpable tension when Louise tries to make amends with Jamie. Richard speaks to Kimberley to gauge what's going on in their relationship, but the uncommitted response doesn't seem to inspire confidence - was Cheska right all along? Jamie and Spencer finally talk to one another about their feelings and regrets. Will Jamie finally forgive Spencer so that they can be friends again?"
"Rick Edwards hosts as the stars of Made in Chelsea get together to set the record straight on some of the most talked-about stories of series three. Millie, Spencer, Kimberley and all the gang are on hand at an exclusive venue in Chelsea, as Rick puts the cast under the spotlight and asks the burning questions every fan wants answered..."
Season 4 - Made in Chelsea
"After spending the summer apart, Spencer and Louise finally catch up in the glamorous French Riviera town of Saint Tropez, where some of our Chelsea favourites have gathered to party at Victoria's new swimwear launch. Spencer is keen to patch things up with Louise, and put his single, partying days behind him, but there's trouble in paradise when two newcomers move in on the scene... the charming and charismatic Andy, and wingman Stevie. Meanwhile, back in Chelsea, Richard has been spotted around town with a mystery blonde on his arm. Cheska and Binky become alarmed at Ollie's increasingly strange behaviour, and, as the gang return to London, Millie helps Proudlock plan a house-warming party for his new flatmates Jamie and Francis."
"Binky and Jamie agree to go on their first date, but their golfing fun is gatecrashed by new boys Sam and Andy, who to Jamie's dismay decide to pot a few holes alongside them. Ollie attempts a date with Danielle following his revelation that he wants to date women again. But Binky and Cheska are worried about him... is he really happy? Spencer takes his old Eton friend Stevie under his wing, who just so happens to be Andy's best friend too. Everyone is suspicious, but Spencer says he's ready to make amends with Andy and invites him to his birthday party. But can Spencer really let things go and handle Louise being friends with Andy?"
"Binky is far from impressed with Jamie's continued indecision about their relationship and it looks as though it may destroy any hope of them ever being together. Chelsea's very own Bridget Jones, Cheska, is still on the lookout for love and decides to concentrate her attentions on new boy Sam, but will her advances be welcome? After years of being in New York, Spencer's ex-girlfriend, Sophia Sassoon, is back in town and she's on the lookout for a British boy. Tongues are wagging at the sight of this sassy, straight-talking new addition to the Chelsea set, but who will make the first move? And Gabriella is back from Greece and wants to spend time with Binky, Ollie and Cheska, so they head off for a detox retreat in the country, but will their time together be as relaxing as they'd hoped?"
"Jamie continues to pursue Binky after being turned down for a second date. He declares his feelings for her at Proudlock's party, and things seem magical, but by the next day he's had a change of heart, leaving Binky distraught. Andy still has feelings for Louise, much to Spencer's irritation. Looking for a healthy distraction, Andy goes on a date with new girl in town Sophia Sassoon. Meanwhile, Ollie and Gabriella share some heartfelt moments when he comforts her after her split with her Greek boyfriend."
"Cheska is determined to take Binky's mind off her heartbreak, so arranges a kinky spanking workshop and a glitzy girls' night out. Elsewhere, the boys have their own night out. The mood is ruined when Andy pushes Spencer too far, resulting in another showdown and Spencer going AWOL. Meanwhile, two new hot Chelsea girls, Lucy and Carly, manage to catch the group's eye. Stevie tries to steal their attention, but it's Jamie who triumphs and secures a 'date' for the next morning with Lucy."
"While Binky is healing her broken heart, Jamie is busy texting Lucy for a second date. But when Rosie throws a black-tie dinner party, Lucy is juggling invitations from Jamie and Andy. Who will she pick and is she playing games? Egos are bruised and tempers flare over the salmon and champagne as an argument of epic proportions unfolds. Sparks fly as Francis and Sophia appear to rekindle their old flame, but events take a dramatic turn when Proudlock decides he'd like to get involved with Sophia."
"Andy is keen to patch up his friendship with Jamie after the fallout at Rosie's dinner party over Lucy, but who will self-confessed player Lucy choose? As the love triangle between Sophia, Proudlock and Francis continues Sophia begins to wonder if she has feelings for Francis. Binky, Cheska and Ollie's mums get together over champagne to discuss the lives of their children, and Jamie has the misfortune of stumbling across them. It's party time again when Andy and Stevie host a 1920s Prohibition-style party. The Speakeasy is in full swing, but Jamie learns something about Lucy that changes everything..."
"Sophia is struggling with her feelings about the love triangle that she's in when Proudlock takes her on a date to the zoo, but Francis insists they can't even hang out as friends. Andy and Lucy's relationship is under pressure when Lucy maintains that the rumours about her are false, while Spencer insists that she's lying."
"Following Lucy's angry confrontation with Spencer at the Lost Boys party, Andy meets up with her to receive some very unwelcome news. Spencer puts pressure on his relationship with Louise by telling her he plans to move in with Francis, Proudlock and Jamie. Worried that Spencer will revert to his philandering ways under Jamie's influence, Louise turns to Millie and Rosie for advice. Meanwhile, Ollie, Richard, Cheska, Binky and Gabriella head to Amsterdam for a weekend of hedonism, but Binky is shocked by an unexpected arrival. As the weekend progresses, so does the flirting between ex-lovers Ollie and Gabs. Sophia is in a dilemma when she learns that Francis had feelings for her. She decides to confont him, but has he already moved on?"
"There's trouble in paradise as Louise struggles with the idea of Spencer moving in with the boys. Ollie and Gabriella pick up the pieces after their Amsterdam fling. Chelsea's newest couple, Francis and Ashley, are growing closer, but Millie says she must tell Francis how she feels before it's too late. And Mark Francis brings summer back to London with a 1950s Capri-inspired party, but Jamie goes cold when he finds out who Binky has been getting steamy with."
"It's Christmas in Chelsea and that means parties and drama. Things have been strained between Ollie and Gabriella since their dalliance in Amsterdam. But when Cheska and the gang catch up with Gabriella, she reveals some life-changing plans. Torn between his feelings for Ashley and Sophia, Francis gets more than he bargained for when he meets up with Sophia to exchange Christmas presents. Spencer arranges a meeting between Louise and Jamie in the hope that they can bury the hatchet, but the conversation turns to problems closer to home. And, at the Christmas party, will Millie and Rosie confront Spencer on what they've heard about him from Francis?"
"Rick Edwards goes to SW3 to meet the Made in Chelsea cast. There are heated chats, a musical surprise, fantasy scenes, the traditional girls v boys showdown, and plenty of Chelsea gossip."
"No description"
Season 5 - Made in Chelsea
"The explosive revelation at Christmas that Spencer cheated on Louise still has tempers running high. Spencer and Louise return from a long break in the sunshine, during which it seems they have got their relationship back on track, but their welcome home may not be what the pair were expecting. Jamie and Proudlock have agreed to move in with Francis, instead of the original plan of moving in with Spencer. And, while Spencer is left feeling rejected by the boys, Millie and Rosie make it clear to Louise that they are not happy about her rekindled romance with him. But while these friendships and relationships are falling apart, a new romance has begun: Ollie Locke has fallen for Ashley, much to the bewilderment of her old flame Francis."
"Spencer is still smarting from having lost out to Francis in his bid to live with Jamie and Proudlock. Andy has arranged a surprise ski trip to Verbier, inviting new girls Fran, Olivia and Phoebe along with a few select others. The mix is risky and it's not long before sparks fly. And there's more trouble on the slopes when Francis lets a secret slip that Jamie has been keen to hide from everyone. Back in Chelsea, Cheska, Ashley and Ollie have noticed that Binky is spending less time with them since making an unexpected new friend."
"Fashion Week has descended upon the capital and the Chelsea set have front row seats to all the must-see shows. What better excuse than to pop the champagne cork and party? Spencer and Louise's relationship is still uncertain, and having spent some time apart they have come to a conclusion. Jamie is enjoying being in love, but will a revelation by Lucy rock the boat? While doing a little spring cleaning in Ollie's flat, Ashley stumbles across an X-rated DVD..."
"Lucy is frustrated when she finds out that Jamie has a girlfriend. Spurred on by Binky's mum, she decides to confront him. Ashley arranges a lunch to get to know Ollie's best friend Oscar and, despite Spencer and Louise's break-up, relations are still strained. Just as it appears that most relationships in Chelsea are falling apart, a trip to the country sparks a new romance."
"After their dramatic break-up, Spencer and Louise have both decided it's time to move on. However, as is often the case in Chelsea, it's complicated and with new love interests come more complex relationship tangles. Meanwhile, Ollie and Ashley have to face up to some home truths about their relationship."
"Spencer whisks Lucy away on a romantic date, while Andy takes Louise bowling. Jamie, Josh, Proudlock and Spencer get revved up for a day at a car test track and Josh takes the opportunity to air his grievances to Proudlock. Meanwhile, Mark's first magazine deadline looms, so he enlists Binky to star in a lavish photo shoot."
"It's games in the garden, country dancing and bunting ahoy as Binky and her mum host a barn dance, but what drama will unfold in the country? Romance is in the air as Louise and Andy get closer, but is Louise really over Spencer? And while Lucy and Spencer continue to hang out, how does Jamie feel about his best mate keeping company with the girl he hates most in Chelsea? Meanwhile, Proudlock spends some quality time with Phoebe, and Ollie and Ashley face up to the problems in their relationship."
"As things seem to have cooled off between Lucy and Spencer, Lucy embraces her new single status with a night out that sparks romance with a handsome stranger. Following her split from Proudlock, Phoebe opens up to Jamie about her past tumultuous relationship. Despite Andy's concern that Louise has unresolved anger towards Spencer, he becomes increasingly smitten with her. Meanwhile, Lucy - still at loggerheads with Louise - tells Andy that Louise isn't welcome at her housewarming party."
"Tensions run high in Chelsea after Lucy's eventful pubwarming party... Jamie and Proudlock are worried about Spencer, while Phoebe is reeling about a situation with her ex-boyfriend. Alex and Jamie decide it's time to come clean about a few home truths, and Ollie has a surprise reunion with ex-girlfriend Ashley that causes some fireworks."
"Having spent a week away from it all in Barcelona, Spencer has asked Jamie to bring a group of friends out to join him. Back in Chelsea, with Olivia and Phoebe also away in Spain, Binky decides to take Fran under her wing and arranges an evening out with some well-known, but unlikely, suitors. Meanwhile, Francis and Proudlock make it their mission to get fit by joining a local running club, and it's not long before someone catches their eye."
"The series finale sees Louise returns to Chelsea after graduating from university and arrives back in the arms of a very happy Andy, but, out of the blue, a revelation rocks Andy's world. Meanwhile, Spencer and Lucy seem to be going from strength to strength, but how will Louise's news affect Spencer? And Oscar finally plucks up the courage to ask Fran out on a date, but there's one big obstacle in the way."
"Rick Edwards is in SW3 to meet the Made in Chelsea cast at the glamorous 'spoons' awards ceremony. Find out who is victorious in 'The Most Accurate Description of Spencer Matthews' and 'Insult of the Series' categories as the cast compete for the all-important silver spoon awards. There's also plenty of heated chat, surprise revelations, fantasy scenes and hot Chelsea gossip from series five."
Season 6 - Made in Chelsea
"Following their split, Louise is determined not to give up on her relationship with Andy, and creates a plan to win him back. But can Andy overcome Spencer's growing involvement in Louise's life?\n\nLucy is unimpressed when Spencer sets his romantic sights further afield, and swaps Chelsea girls for a mystery Californian.\n\nUndeterred by strong words from Phoebe, Fran and Alex arrange a one-on-one. Jamie treads on dangerous ground as he begins a flirtation with Lucy. And Mark Francis and Victoria introduce their fashion designer friend Sophie Hermann, as the gang watch polo at Guards."
"Long-time flirters Jamie and Phoebe are finally going on a date, but their romantic night out is cut short when Phoebe receives a phone call from Louise with some shocking news about Jamie...\n\nStephanie is becoming very frustrated with Spencer's bachelor nights out and confronts him.\n\nStill reeling from Phoebe's wrath, Alex and Fran tread cautiously with their friendship, but there's further upset when Alex backs out of their candlelit dinner and goes out with Binky instead."
"Rosie has arranged a spa trip for the girls in a bid to heal rifts among the Chelsea set. But with Phoebe, Fran and Lucy on the same guest list, rest and relaxation is just wishful thinking.\n\nAnd having decided to see where things lead them, Jamie and Lucy continue to hook up. But it's clear that Jamie still holds a flame for Phoebe.\n\nSpencer is worried that his best friend is keeping him in the dark about his real intentions with Lucy and things come to a head when the gang attend Andy's first gig as a singer-songwriter."
"Jamie is feeling rather alone and friendless after Spencer's anger towards him and the bombshell discovery that Phoebe has a boyfriend.\n\nBut how will Phoebe react to Fran, who is the one who has been spreading the news all around Chelsea?\n\nSpencer holds a dinner party for the guys and decides it's the right time to air his feelings to Jamie. Lucy and Louise put their differences behind them but plan to tell Stephanie about Spencer's cheating, and Stevie is busy trying to woo Tiff."
"Phoebe decides to host a dinner party, at which Spencer raises the uncomfortable subject of Jamie's relationship with Lucy and forces him to confess his feelings for her.\n\nFran and Binky decide to move in together, but Fran's past dalliance with Binky's new boyfriend Alex is a cause of friction.\n\nProudlock tries to ascertain whether Lucy still has any feelings for Jamie, and a huge scandal hits Chelsea."
"Andy is facing the fallout after Spencer and Louise's recent rumoured reunion - but can he forgive and forget?\n\nBinky faces questions about Alex's closeness to his first love, Phoebe, while Louise's brother Sam has his eye on a certain older and taller woman, but will his moves prove a little too smooth for the first date?\n\nThe tables have turned on Jamie, who now finds himself chasing super-cool Lucy. Can the offer of a trip to South Africa melt her heart? And will Spencer really stand back while Jamie pursues his ex?"
"It's safari time for the Chelsea set as they head off to South Africa. But there's plenty of excess emotional baggage to declare when Lucy finds out that Phoebe is also coming along.\n\nBinky and Alex are worried that they're in for a rocky first holiday with his ex in tow. And it's evident during the trip that Jamie and Spencer still have feelings for Lucy - but which of the boys, if either, will Lucy choose?\n\nMeanwhile, Andy meets a new love interest in Russian beauty Vitalia, but finds out that she's having an on-off relationship with Spencer.\n\nHow will Spencer react to the news that Andy is pursuing one of his exes yet again?\n\nAnd the claws are out when Cheska, Victoria, Sophie, Louise and Rosie meet up for some tarot card reading. Cheska gets more than she bargained for and the future looks rocky for the group."
"Jamie's back from safari and refusing to give up on his relationship with Lucy. A drunken text from her only adds to his conviction that they're more than friends.\n\nAfter their romantic trip to South Africa, Binky and Alex are feeling the pressure to say those all-important three little words to each other.\n\nSpencer is irritated that Andy's new love interest is his own 'friend-with-benefits', Russian beauty Vitalia, so he wastes no time in rekindling their casual romance.\n\nFran is feeling left out now that Phoebe has rebuilt bridges with Lucy and the other Chelsea girls. An apology seems the only way forward, but is Phoebe ready to forgive and forget?"
"With the Christmas season in full swing in Chelsea, Lucy is feeling distinctly un-festive as Jamie is doing his best to avoid her.\n\nAlex is in an awkward position when Binky's mum invites him to spend Christmas day with them. Are things moving too fast for him?\n\nCheska, Fran, Lucy and Binky go ice skating. But the temperature drops to new depths when Victoria and Sophie bump into them and frosty insults are exchanged.\n\nWhen Jamie hears from Alex that Lucy is missing his company, he decides to make one last grand gesture. But things are thrown into jeopardy when Spencer and Lucy go shopping together. Is Jamie's best friend making a play for the girl he still loves?"
"Series six comes to an end in traditional style with the End of Season Party. Once again, Rick Edwards is the host and chief interrogator of the whole cast, including Spencer, Jamie, Lucy, Phoebe and Mark-Francis.\n\nExpect revelations, maybe some singing by Andy, and the exclusive world premiere of epic feature Game of Sloanes."
Season 7 - Made in Chelsea
"Everybody is talking about Jamie's infidelity just a week after he made a public display his affection for Lucy. Lucy is not happy and this could this be the end of their relationship and even their friendship. Alex and Binky are closer than ever following a romantic break in Goa. Spencer is about to drop a bombshell that will test their relationship to the limit though."
"Rumours about Alex's infidelity are still rife around Chelsea. Binky might believe his denials, but Cheska and Fran are determined to discover the truth by quizzing Stevie. Spencer and Jamie enjoy a boys' night out, which ends up being interrupted by Emma Miller, who Spencer used to be infatuated with."
"London Fashion Week gets underway and Mark Francis, Binky and Louise have front row seats. Spencer's got his eye on the models especially one called Emma. Binky sets up Louise with Alex's best friend Robbo."
"Binky is left feeling stunned following Cheska's confirmation about Alex's infidelity and flies out to New York. Alex is not sure what to do, but Jamie tells him what his course of action should be. Spencer's plan to introduce his new girlfriend Emma to his ex does not go to plan after Louise offers Emma some home truths about his past."
"Binky is feeling really upset as she attempts to deal with the news that Alex cheated on her. Stephanie and her friend Erik visit Venice and Erik has invited Spencer to join them, along with Lucy, Stephanie and Louise and his new girlfriend Emma. Stevie takes Riley out on a date."
"Binky's efforts to stay away from Alex have failed and Alex attempts prove that he's a changed man. It is Team Lucy versus Team Louise on the netball court. Lucy tells Binky something that threatens to ruin her reconciliation with Alex."
"The band Peace play a gig in honour of Louise's birthday, but things end up being anything but peaceful. Binky grows close to Alex again whilst a clear divide forms between the girls. Lucy is being frozen out causing Spencer to have an attack of conscience."
"Binky struggles when she learns about Alex continuing to cheat on her. Alex and Louise are both mad at Spencer and confront him. Stephanie and Stevie's relationship becomes a subject of gossip when they kiss. Mark Francis and Rosie go car shopping."
"Spencer tries making amends with Binky after the eventful picnic. Binky's best friends feel as though she's isolating herself from them. Jamie has set his sights on Riley, but he's afraid the fact she works for Lucy will cause issues. Stevie and Stephanie continue seeing one another."
"Jamie's love life is the talk of the town and Lucy isn't happy to learn about his involvement with former intern Riley. Mark admits his feelings for Lucy have never gone away. Mark Francis takes Binky to Longleat with Sophie and Victoria in an effort to lift her spirits."
"Binky and Alex are determined to work things out on their own. Stephanie leaves a heartbroken Stevie to return America as everyone else heads to Andy's epic country house party."
Season 8 - Made in Chelsea
"The gang are back from the Big Apple and when Andy hears that his ex Louise has found love with native New Yorker Alik, his reaction is rather unexpected."
"Andy is busy telling everyone how he feels about Louise and Alik, while an explosive revelation threatens to tear Chelsea's newest couple apart."
"The news of Alik's rumoured infidelity has reached Louise. Proudlock stands by Alik but Jamie thinks there is more to the story. Will and Binky get physical during their personal training session. Will he find it impossible to ignore his feelings? Lucy and Proudlock are struggling to stay just friends."
"There's tension between Proudlock and the boys. Will tries to impress Binky on a date. Louise puts the rumours of Alik cheating behind her, but there's a mystery text..."
"The rumours of Alik's cheating are behind him and his relationship with Louise seems to be back on track. However things soon turn sour for the pair when Lucy hears news that will shake the couple. After saying goodbye to each other in New York, Stevie is adjusting to the news that Stephanie Pratt could be back in London."
"Alik wants to know if Louise has hooked up with someone else or not, but she claims to not know what happened that night. Binky reveals something that may turn the story on it's head. Stephanie takes Josh up on the offer of catching up with his new puppy, but doesn't tell Stevie. Sam and Tiff's relationship hots up, but Toff comes between them."
"Louise is not happy after she finds out that Andy was rude about her in front of all her friends. Stevie decides that he needs to try and sort things out once and for all with Stephanie."
"Louise is determined that Andy not be involved in her new relationship. The identity of Sam's mystery bed partner is revealed and with the revelation comes some new information, meaning he has to face the wrath of the Watson sisters. Binky's friendships are on the line, when it becomes apparent she hasn't been completely honest."
"Spencer returns to Chelsea with a new girlfriend. But Stephanie wants to let his new beau Lauren Frazer-Hutton in on his past. Fran seeks advice about her fallout with Binky from the last person she'd want her to go to."
"Spencer and the boys enjoy a debauched night out, while the girls' spa break ends up being anything but calm and relaxing. Louise throws a 'fiery couples' dinner party as Spencer's new girlfriend Lauren manages to ruffle Stephanie's feathers."
Season 9 - Made in Chelsea
"Spencer and Alex are on holiday with their girlfriends when Jamie flies a group of single friends over. In London, Steph and Josh adjust to moving in together."
"Andy steps up his campaign to win over Jess, and Alex introduces his new girlfriend Nicola to the Chelsea set. Will his ex Binky give Nicola a warm welcome?"
"Andy is confused by Jess and her mixed emotions, while Steph and Josh are back on track. Louise isn't happy with Alik's very laid-back approach to life."
"When Binky spots JP at the rugby, Andy decides to play Cupid, while Jamie presents Andy with some news about Jess that makes him question whether a relationship with her will work after all."
"Will Jess wait for Andy, who is away on tour, or fall for the charms of Jamie Laing? while Steph is caught in the middle of feuding boyfriend Josh and her best friend Lucy."
"Nicola is fuming about Jamie's revelation that Jess has unfinished business with Alex, and it looks as though Lucy and Stephanie's friendship is in jeopardy following a confrontation with Josh. Will he finally come between them? Meanwhile, Spencer is missing hanging out with his old friend and ex-flame Lucy, and hopes that she and Lauren can finally bury the hatchet."
"Mischief-maker Jamie invites Spencer to the biggest ski chalet in Europe with a select gang that includes Lucy. Spencer must decide between keeping Lauren happy and rekindling an old friendship, and while Jess was thrilled that Alex defended her, Nicola was less than impressed. Binky is unsure whether to be heartened or alarmed that JP has never had a girlfriend, but Jamie encourages her that he's a good catch and invites them both along on the trip. Will romance blossom in the Alps?"
"Alik receives a call from New York that could change his life in Chelsea, and JP is unsure why Binky is increasingly distant since their return from the ski trip. Is the honeymoon period over already? Meanwhile, Lucy gets an unexpected text from Spencer's girlfriend, Lauren Frazer-Hutton, and Sam is behaving suspiciously despite a successful date with Millie. Proudlock and Alik suspect there may be another female in tow."
"Louise reels from the news that Alik has to go back to New York, and tempers flare when Lucy discovers that Tiffany has been secretly dating Sam."
"Rick Edwards presents a behind-the-scenes trip down memory lane as the reality show celebrates its 100th edition, featuring interviews with cast members past and present including Caggie, Francis and Ollie Locke. Jamie talks about his relationship weaknesses, Lucy Watson explains the best way to win an argument and there's a sneak peek at MiC The Movie"
"The 100th episode of the show sees Alik forced to return to New York after almost a year in Chelsea, leaving Louise to face life in the Royal Borough alone"
"Spencer regrets cheating on Lauren, Nicola hears that Jamie has been spreading rumours, and the group heads to the country for a music festival."
Season 10 - Made in Chelsea
"After a summer in LA, the Chelsea set are back and Spencer is ready to greet them."
"As Sam struggles to come to terms with Tiff's infidelity, Lucy hears some odd rumours"
"Binky is introduced to Ollie's new girlfriend Emma. Toff reveals she has a secret crush and Tiff is heartbroken after Sam ends their relationship."
"A heartbroken Tiff is in need of distraction and decides to throw all her efforts into working under fashionista Rosie, while Toff sets her sights on inventor Richard Dinan."
"Binky is far from impressed that Spencer has started to date Ollie's new girlfriend"
"Trouble is brewing for Alex as Nicola jets in from Ireland"
"Jess is desperate for a reconciliation with Jamie, but will her approach just make things worse? Toff decides to make a move and ask Richard Dinan out."
"Alik makes an emergency trip back to London to establish what happened between Elliot and Louise. The feuding Watson sisters are close to breaking point."
"The rocky relationship between Alex and Nicola takes a turn for the worse when ex-girlfriend Binky gets involved. It looks as though Binky and JP's own honeymoon period might be over too."
"It's the festive season in the royal borough and Sam makes one last grand gesture to show Tiff what she means to him, while James is looking forward to his first Christmas together with Lucy, but trouble is brewing when his ex Lily learns he has been painting a very different picture of their past relationship. Mark Francis and Victoria show a distinct lack of goodwill to all men when they divulge their true opinions of Ollie Locke, and Louise throws a big Christmas dinner where emotions run high as scores are settled."
"Sam's delighted to have won Tiff back, but will their joy be short-lived when a rumour resurfaces? Alex wonders whether he and Nicola can last until New Year."
"Rick Edwards gets the cast's reaction to season 10 dramas: Sam and Tiff's latest, Lucy and Rosie's showdown and Ollie Locke as never seen before"
Season 11 - Made in Chelsea
"An old flame of Sam's reappears, and Stephanie has her eye on a new love interest."
"Ollie learns of Binky's frustration over JP's lack of relationship commitment, and decides to step in. But is JP prepared to take things to the next level?"
"Lucy is adamant that Stephanie has tried to sabotage her relationship and the two are finally forced to face each other when Jamie throws a dinner party"
"Lucy's refusal to accept anything less than the truth leads to an uncomfortable revelation, and Chelsea is buzzing with the news of Jamie's new girl Frankie"
"Stephanie hopes her Maldives trip will get her friendships back on track, but things soon turn sour when a secret is revealed that rocks Sam and Tiffany"
"Still hurt by Tiff's cheating, Sam is furious when he learns that Lucy knew more about it. Frankie becomes suspicious about Jamie's night on the town."
"Happily back with Tiff, Sam is adamant that Lucy should apologise to him. Nicola has information that threatens Jamie's plans to make Frankie his girlfriend."
"Louise returns from her make-or-break holiday in St Barths with the news that she has split up with Alik, while Frankie wonders if she's right to trust Jamie"
"Chelsea is stunned that Binky and JP have split up, and romance isn't running smoothly for Jamie and Frankie. Toff has an interview for her dream job."
"Rosie begs Louise to give Alik one more chance. Lucy considers a reconciliation with Stephanie, while Binky refuses to believe she and JP are over."
"Rick Edwards gatecrashes the country manor and joins the cast fresh from the eventful night before and grills them about all the drama from series 11"
Season 12 - Made in Chelsea
"Binky is in turmoil as ex-boyfriend JP begins to make overtures to win her back"
"After his confession of love, the clock is ticking for Binky to give JP her answer. Jamie is playing Cupid to Alex and Emily. And Francis is back from Ghana."
"JP and Binky's relationship meets an obstacle when Julius goes on Binky's girls camping trip, while all is not as it seems between Francis and Olivia"
"Julius annoys JP with more details about the camping trip. Emily and Alex go on a date, and tongues are wagging when Fred poses naked for Olivia's portfolio."
"Since Fred's naked photo shoot with Olivia, Julius has noticed a certain chemistry between the two singletons. How will Francis react?"
"Sam is feeling the pressure over his relationship with Tiff. Frankie is now living with Jamie, and Fred goes on a date with Olivia."
"Binky, Louise and Rosie's friendship is at an all-time low. Tiff and Toff attempt to bury the hatchet and Liv introduces Fred to her parents as just a friend."
"It's Christmas and our Lost Bois throw the ultimate festive party. Jamie enlists the help of reindeer and a sleigh to deliver a romantic present to Frankie."
"Rick Edwards returns for his annual grilling of the Made in Chelsea cast at the revelatory end of season party. The cast react to the drama of series 12 and all the surprises from the past few weeks, as we find out who made whose Christmas card list. There's lots of exclusives and a very special performance of a seasonal classic by the cast."
Season 13 - Made in Chelsea
"In the opening episode of the new series Binky and JP have some exciting news to share with their Chelsea friends."
"As some of the Chelsea gang head to Mauritius, there's trouble in paradise for Tiff, who starts to wonder if she and Sam want different things out of their relationship."
"Olivia and Fredrik are the picture of love's young dream, until new girl Mimi rocks them with news of a secret flirtation, while Daisy has a secret about Sam that threatens Tiff and Sam's relationship"
"Fredrik and Olivia's relationship hangs in the balance as Mimi watches from the sidelines. Sam and Jamie have a confrontation, while Louise and Rosie help Binky with some baby shopping."
"Jamie and Sam's friendship reaches breaking point, and Olivia is shocked to see Fredrik and Mimi still flirting. Julius' love life gets complicated..."
"Ollie gives JP a crash course on childbirth, Julius tries to make amends with Ella, and Frankie and Jamie's relationship is rocked by mutual infidelities."
"Harry plans a raucous country party, where he intends to charm Ella behind Julius\u2019s back, while Fredrik hears about Olivia\u2019s recent dalliances and asks Mimi out on a date."
"Louise is excited to discover a jewellery box, and rumours of a Chelsea engagement spread like wildfire, while Julius reels from Harry's revelation that Ella still has feeling for him"
"Harry continues to cause a stir in Chelsea, as news of a flirtatious night out threatens to rock Jamie and Frankie. And it's all change in the Thompson household as Ryan moves in."
"At Binky and JP's baby shower, Ollie invites an old friend for a surprise reunion. Jamie and Frankie take time apart, but Jamie loses his cool with Harry."
"Rick Edwards is back to grill the entire cast at the End of Season Party. There are arguments, revelations and even a shock break-up!"
Season 14 - Made in Chelsea
"Keen to try and move on from Frankie, Jamie organises a singles party with Alex, but is his heart really in it? Tiff sees red with Mimi after announcing her plans for a vegan caf\u00e9."
"Jamie and Frankie can't seem to leave the past in the past, while new kid on the block Charlie finds himself in an awkward love triangle with arch rivals Mimi and Tiff."
"Francis and Proudlock try to get Jamie back out on the dating game. The animosity between Mimi and Tiff comes to a head as Tiff goes on a date with Charlie."
"Tiff tells Louise she still loves Sam, but when Sam finds out that Harry's not the only Chelsea boy she's been rumoured to be getting cosy with, everything hangs in the balance"
"Olivia sets her sights on a model, and Francis sets Fredrik up on a date. But not everyone else is so lucky. Mimi tells Charlie how she really feels, and Sam's fears come to life with news from Tiff."
"Things heat up as Louise's ex-boyfriend Alik flies in to Chelsea. How will Ryan react when he finally meets the New Yorker? Following their trip to Tuscany, Harry is on a mission to get a second date with Frankie, but once Jamie finds out about their growing friendship, will he try to put a stop to Harry's endeavours? Olivia and Digby's relationship is going from strength to strength, but is he really ready"
"Jamie tries to play peacemaker between Alik and Louise before Alik flies back to New York. Sam Prince's friend James catches Frankie's eye. Will he be the one to get Frankie back in the game? And Mark Francis and Victoria step in to plan an elaborate party for Toff's birthday."
"Jealousy flares when Jamie learns that Frankie is dating James Taylor, so Jamie decides to find a date of his own. With Ryan declaring his love for Louise through his tattoo, Louise starts feeling the pressure to get one of her own. Meanwhile, Sophie Herman decides to throw a circus-themed party. Francis wastes no time in auditioning for the headline act, with the help of an unwilling Fredrik."
"Jamie is still texting Frankie but also taking Clemmie out on a date. Things come to a head at Liv and Digby's dinner party. Meanwhile, Louise and Mimi help Sam get back into the dating game."
"Make-ups and break-ups abound as the Christmas festivities get under way. Will the festive mood bring everyone together or will seasonal goodwill fall short?"
"No description"
Season 15 - Made in Chelsea
"Jamie is keen to introduce his holiday romance Melody to Chelsea, while Harry's relationship with Melissa comes under threat when Mimi has a revelation"
"Jamie is looking forward to Melody's time in London coming to an end, but what was meant to be a fleeting romance may be here to stay! How will Jamie take the news that Melody might be settling in Chelsea for good? Meanwhile, as Mimi uncovers yet more rumours of Harry's inappropriate behaviour, Melissa must decide whether to continue to trust him or call time on their relationship. And can Alik and Louise finally put the past behind them and be friends?"
"Jamie gets increasingly stressed following Melody's decision to stay in Chelsea - is there something he is hiding from her? Olivia and Digby's relationship is put under pressure when a piece of gossip gets into the wrong hands. And Toff finds a new admirer in the shape of James. Will she fall for his advances?"
"Harry and Sam Prince are forced to spend time together when their girlfriends arrange a night out, but their mutual dislike gets the better of them"
"No description"
"After time away from Digby in Sri Lanka, Liv is even more confused as to whether they should be together. Sam is keen to continue on from his holiday romance with Habbs, but has she been playing it cool since they've come back to Chelsea? When James tries to impress Toff with a fun night out, she's less than bowled over with his choice of venue. With her book launch approaching, Louise enlists the help of Francis to help overcome her fear of public speaking."
"Following Olivia and Digby's decision to make their relationship work, Olivia reverts back to her old lifestyle of partying with her pal Alex. But will the relationship survive this new 'old' Olivia? When Habbs reveals she has slept with Sam, James takes the opportunity to create trouble, leaving Sam with doubts about Habbs. And Jamie introduces his new girlfriend Ell to the group - but has some hair-raising news."
"Jamie is on a mission to impress Ell, but she and Miles strike up a French connection. Sam drops everything to support Olivia, while a unicorn threatens to cause trouble at Toff's 'twisted tea party'."
Season 16 - Made in Chelsea
"The Croatian sun may have set but the drama is rising and things are hotting-up in SW3, as the Made in Chelsea boys and girls reunite on their home turf for an unforgettable series this autumn. Expect scandalous secrets, rocky romances, frosty friendships and\u2026an engagement (or three) from the Chelsea favourites, with the 11x60\u2019 series bursting onto screens on Monday 8th October at 9pm on E4. Can old relationships be resuscitated? Will broken friendships be repaired? Are seemingly solid couples strong enough to weather the Chelsea storm? This series will chart the highs and lows of the cast as they quaff champagne in the Royal Borough\u2019s most sought after hot spots. Returning for series 16 will be MIC favourites Jamie Laing, Ollie Locke, newly engaged Louise Thompson and her fianc\u00e9 Ryan Libbey, Mark Francis, Victoria Baker Harber, Sam Thompson, Olivia Bentley, Oliver Proudlock, Sophie Herman, Alex Mytton, Harry Baron, Melissa Tattam, , Digby Edgley, Sophie Habboo (Habbs), Miles Nazaire, James Taylor, and Emily Blackwell. Ollie Locke\u2019s fianc\u00e9, Gareth Locke, will also be make an appearance. There may also be a surprise appearance or two along the way\u2026."
"Sophie Herman performs at a jazz cabaret evening, accompanied by a rather worried Fred, while Liv is on the warpath as she learns Miles has set Digby up on a date with Bruna."
"Sam is determined to persuade Habbs to give him another chance, while Liv is enjoying her new romance with Harrison, until she learns that Digby intends to ask out her friend Emily."
"Liv and Harison appear to be getting closer, but is she still thinking of Digby? Sam refuses to give up on Habbs. Sophie schools Miles in the art of chivalry."
"Melissa makes peace with Diana, but questions Habbs\u2019 loyalty by siding with Jamie."
"The girls are getting so fed up living with Miles, and Liv extends an olive branch to Ryan."
"Miles finds himself on thin ice with housemates Habbs and Emily as he continues to treat their home like a lad's pad. Tristan offers to host a luncheon at his house to help smooth things over with the unhappy housemates - but does he have an ulterior motive with Habbs? Meanwhile, Sam is happy with Habbs and ready to move things forward, but is he moving too fast? And Sophie and Fred grow closer - could there be romance in the air?"
"After the boys' apprehension, and Emily gate-crashing Liv's trip to British Columbia, Canada, some unexpected flirting causes shock waves within the group. Louise and Ryan find themselves overwhelmed when Mark Francis takes it upon himself to plan their wedding. Jamie is on a mission to play Cupid with Fred and Sophie, but will it all end in tears?"
"After kissing Liv in Canada, Miles returns to Chelsea to find best friend - and Liv's ex - Digby on his doorstep. Habbs starts to feel suffocated by Sam's constant attentions and confesses her doubts about the relationship to Melissa. Meanwhile, Ollie is determined to pull out all the stops for his book launch and enlists the help of Sophie Hermann to give the event that magic touch."
Season 17 - Made in Chelsea
"The single, drama-free life comes to an end for Miles when his feisty, French ex-girlfriend Maeva moves to London and lays down some rules about their on-off relationship. Meanwhile, James Taylor has been dating Eliza and plans a romantic trip to Paris. But when Jamie meets Verity, a girl that James is also dating, he arranges for both girls to meet up with James at the same time. And Sophie Herman celebrates her birthday by throwing an extravagant 80s Dynasty-themed party."
"James makes a big mistake with Eliza, but is it too late to make amends? Miles is in trouble with Maeva - could it be the end of their on\/off relationship?"
"Maeva and Miles are keeping their distance, but how will Maeva react when Habbs accuses her of playing the victim? Verity is excited to rekindle with James."
"Liv and Mark Francis take Freddie under their wing and try to rescue his love life. Miles offers an olive branch to Maeva in the hope of clearing the air with his emotional ex. And a poker match between the boys gets heated when James airs his frustrations over Jamie's opinions on his relationship with Verity."
"Liv is in an uncomfortable position when Habbs's weekend break invitation doesn't extend to boyfriend Digby. James pursues Verity but things don't go to plan."
"Maeva decides to spend more time with Digby and get him to train with her. James goes on a second date with Rosi, but also has a secret hook-up with Eliza."
"Miles and James come to blows over their love lives, while the newly single Jamie needs a little support from his friends to get him through the break-up."
"Eyebrows are raised when Maeva unexpectedly befriends Miles' new partner Sammy, while a psychic could have the answer to Jamie's broken heart."
"How will Jamie react when Liv admits she told Habbs that Jamie has feelings for her? Miles realises he doesn\u2019t want to share Maeva with anyone."
"Binky feels isolated by the other girls as they continue to have negative opinions on her relationship with Alex, and a conversation with her mum makes her see things from another person\u2019s perspective.\n\nStephanie and Stevie agree to end their brief romance as she returns to America, and Louise and Fordy cook each other meals for their date.\n\nRiley demands an apology from Jamie, and Lucy is confused by the whole situation with him.\n\nSpencer tells Alex that maybe it\u2019s best if him and Binky split up causing her to make a public announcement for people to stop talking about them"
"Jamie wants to take Habbs on a date, but is it all getting too much for her? Maeva turns to James for solace when Miles says he can\u2019t see a future with her."
"Habbs agrees to go out with Jamie, but a run-in with Sophie Hermann changes her mind.\n\nVerity discovers that feelings may not be mutual between Amelia and Hugo.\n\nLast in the season."
Season 18 - Made in Chelsea
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Season 19 - Made in Chelsea
"No description"
Season 20 - Made in Chelsea
"No description"
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"No description"
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Season 21 - Made in Chelsea
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07 Jun 2021
Season 22 - Made in Chelsea
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Season 23 - Made in Chelsea
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