Are You the One?

Contestants stay for 10 weeks in a holiday destination to win $1 million and hopefully find love.



Duration:41 min




Season 1 - Are You the One?
"20 singles are all placed in a house in Hawaii with two goals: find their perfect match, and win a million dollars. The couples start pairing off, fights break out, and heartbreak"
"Chris T & Shanley take their relationship to the next level, Simone & John are on separate pages, the cast competes in their second challenge, and a love triangle forms."
"Chris S. continues to play mind games with Paige, Ethan reveals his insecurities to Amber, Brittany pursues Adam, and tensions rise when Simone confronts Jacy."
"The boys experience a blast from the past at the getaway challenge, Coleysia stakes her claims on Dillan, and Adam drops a truth bomb on Brittany."
"Tension reaches a boiling point between John and Simone; Kayla is interested in Wes and Ryan; a waterfall challenge sends two couples to the Truth Booth."
"Shanley loses her cool when Simone tries to separate her from Chris T., Paige feels the sting of rejection, and Kayla finally has to deal with the love triangle she created."
"Shanley has a face off with Simone over the Truth Booth drama, Kayla's jealous side comes out, and Paige has ups and downs with Chris S."
"The cast is finally fed up with Kayla and confronts her about her manipulation and lies, Ryan reevaluates his feelings for her, and Chris S. tries to get in between Jacy and John J"
"The cast lets loose at a White Party, Shanley gets serious about her feelings for Chris T., and the love triangle between Jacy, John, and Chris S. finally blows up."
"The cast compete in a sexy rubdown challenge, Jacy is still confused about John and Scali, and the fate of the house could be affected by one cast member's Truth Booth decision."
Season 2 - Are You the One?
"No description"
"The wild adventure begins with all new singles looking for love and money. The cast gets to know one another, hook-ups happen, relationships form, and an 11th girl is brought on to shake things up."
"Relationships continue to form and several couples become convinced they've found their match. Brandon and Christina stick together, while something personal allows Briana to become closer to Curtis. Layton is confused over Jess and Jenni."
"The house can't agree on a strategy, Nate loses his cool over Shelby, Christina tries to move on with little help from Brandon, and Jenni sees a side to Layton that isn't pleasant."
"An alcohol-fueled mistake threatens the strongest couple in the house; Anthony goes after Layton's crush; John makes a move on Christina; the house reels after a Matchup Ceremony."
"The house is stunned by the last Matchup Ceremony; Jenni thinks that Layton is her match, but worries about Jessica; the Truth Booth threatens another couple."
"The ladies' parents arrive to interrogate the guys; tension boils over between Layton and Anthony; the house learns that history can repeat itself."
"After a failed Matchup Ceremony, the house is eager for a fresh start; John believes he found his match in Jenni; Ashley ends up in a love triangle."
"Dario and Layton's battle over Ashley intensifies; Ellie is interested in Nathan, but Nathan thinks Christina is his perfect match; Christina can not handle the pressure."
"Nathan is not happy after Christina gets back together with Brandon. Ashley's indecision over Layton and Dario could cost the house the win."
"The house has a final match-up ceremony, with the last switch."
Season 3 - Are You the One?
"Confirmed non-matches continue hooking up despite the presence of possible new love interests; Kiki moves in on Chuck, which upsets Hannah; and the house is called out for not moving on."
" Amanda pops off, again, but this time the fallout is much bigger than the house could have anticipated. The house strategizes to throw the challenge in order to send the right couple into the Truth Booth. "
"Couples are torn between playing for love and strategizing to win. The house decides to let a coin toss decide their fate. Can they turn 25 cents into $750,000?"
Season 4 - Are You the One?
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"When John's relationship with Julia takes a turn, he loses it; Asaf and Francesca's status is in question; Keylen shocks the house with a revelation about her relationship with Gio."
"John goes off when Stephen makes a play for Julia. Tori and Camille set their sights on the same guy. The pressure is on for the \u201cgolden couples\u201d heading into the Truth Booth."
"Gio and Kaylen's perfect relationship starts to fall apart, throwing the house into turmoil; Asaf sleeps with the wrong person."
"The guys' mothers reveal embarrassing information; Stephen becomes increasingly paranoid; Francesca is caught in Gio's wolf den."
"An epic fight leads to astonishment and tears; the group believes in one set of matches; Asaf wants to follow his heart."
Season 5 - Are You the One?
"Andre does a 180 when his relationship with Alicia hits the rocks. Gianna is torn between the nice guy and the bad boy. The house tries to follow their hearts but their hearts are all over the place"
"Love quadrangles erupt and cause chaos in the house. Exes swap partners for some romantic alone time on the getaway date from hell. Tyler breaks Taylor\u2019s heart by making moves on multiple girls."
"Tyranny convinces the house that she has found her match. Tyler\u2019s behavior opens the door for Andre to make his move on Taylor. Gianna and Hayden take their non-match relationship to the next level."
"Alicia betrays her friendship with Kam. A lie detector test puts Tyler on the spot in front of the entire house. Gianna strings Hayden along while sparks reignite with Michael."
"Distraught over learning about another non-match, Alicia moves in on someone else\u2019s man. Tyler\u2019s confession makes Shannon question his intentions. The guys best friends break bro-code and reveal some embarrassing secrets."
"Tensions between love triangles erupt at a Dominican Carnival blow out. Hayden and Carolina make moves towards a deeper relationship. The house grapples with how to deal with non-match couples."
"Tensions erupt in the house when non-match couples stand their ground and refuse to separate. Things get serious between Hayden and Carolina, leaving Gianna heartbroken. The girls' exes don't live up to expectations."
"An altercation during a house party threatens Michael's relationship with Kathryn. Strategy tries to tear couples apart and forces Shannon to choose between listening to the house or following her heart."
"A desperate house has one more chance to win love and money. Kathryn and Ozzy reconnect. The house tries to open Hannah's eyes to the reality of her relationship."
Season 6 - Are You the One?
"No description"
"22 singles move into a house in New Orleans to try and pair up as 11 perfect matches and win, $1,000,000. As couples fall for each other hard and fast, love triangles form."
"Malcom finds himself caught between Diandra and Nurys; Keith and Alexis try to break each other's hearts."
"The strongest couples' connections are questioned; Michael tries to break up multiple relationships."
"Frustration grows between couples that are in too deep and singles who are struggling to make connections."
"Chaos erupts in the house when Kareem\u2019s attraction to Zoe pushes Alivia to tears. The girls decide to go with strategy during the Match-Up Ceremony, leaving everyone nervous."
"Jada rages when Uche calls her out for making moves on Clinton. Two on-again-off-gain couples are back on. The girls\u2019 families share some embarrassing info."
"Nurys can\u2019t handle Malcolm and Diandra becoming a thing. The house is divided between ride-or-die couples who refuse to separate and singles who have a hard time making connections."
"Kareem and Alexis are pushed over the edge when Alivia and Keith explore the possibility that they\u2019re a Perfect Match. Exes arrive to spill some tea, including one ex that everyone already knows."
"Paranoia sets in when Audrey sees Michael making a connection with Geles. Malcolm faces the music for his player ways and the house starts to explore new connections."
"After weeks of searching for love and playing for money, the Season 6 cast reunites to give insider info on the explosive moments, spill tea on the unseen drama, and reveal what's gone down since leaving the house."
Season 7 - Are You the One?
"22 singles move into a house in Hawaii to try and pair up as 11 perfect matches and win, $1,000,000. Jealousy takes over when couples form quickly. Zak provokes the wrath of Bria and Tevin and Kenya's player ways threaten their budding romance."
"Zak provokes the wrath of Bria and Tevin and Kenya\u2019s player ways threaten their budding romance."
"Zak explores his options while the women fight each other for his attention. Kenya and Jasmine officially become enemies."
"Asia is hurt when she learns what her friend and her crush did behind her back. Cali and Brett's budding romance is jeopardized by their own bad dating habits."
"The house is shook when their exes show up to spend some quality time. Tension soars when one ex threatens to break up a power couple and another gets aggressive. Zak is torn between Bria and Morgan."
"Kwasi starts drama when he lets slip what Tevin and Jasmine did the night before; Bria is angered by Morgan and Zak's developing relationship; the house makes some risky choices in picking their matches."
"Cam starts to question his relationship with Kayla; Daniel's fun and games push Sam away; the house faces its most important Truth Booth yet."
"Tensions erupt between Cam and Kwasi when Kwasi makes moves on Kayla; Asia explodes when she thinks certain people in the house are being shady; Zak has a choice to make."
"Nutsa crushes on Brett while Brett's inability to get over Cali has consequences for the entire house. Moe is pushed to start playing the game. Lewis reveals his true feelings to Asia."
"Bria\u2019s obsession with Zak and Zak\u2019s player ways threaten the house\u2019s ability to play the game. Cali comes up with a plan to find out which of the power couples are a Perfect Match and which are not."
"At a wild party, questionable behavior turns best friends into best enemies; Tevin and Kenya get ready to learn their fate; Moe is pushed to step up his game."
"Kwasi and Jasmine's connection is put in jeopardy when a familiar foe makes a move on their relationship; power couples try to make new connections."
"Brett is put on the hot seat when he second guesses his feelings for Nutsa. The house is in crisis mode as they scramble to figure out the perfect matches."
"Asia attempts to sabotage Sam's relationship with Daniel; the house gets one final chance to win love and money and an extra day to deal with the fallout."
"After weeks of searching for love and playing for money, the Season 7 cast reunites to give insider info on the explosive moments, spill tea on the unseen drama, and reveal what\u2019s gone down since leaving the house."
Season 8 - Are You the One?
"For the first time, love has no limits and everyone is an option as 16 singles arrive in Hawaii to find love and win $1,000,000."
"There is already trouble in paradise for the strongest couples; one couple struggles with the concept of open relationships; love triangles are reconfigured."
"Justin is caught between someone who wants him and someone who is unsure about the future; Basit struggles for acceptance; the house faces some uncomfortable \"truths.\""
"After queer prom, the house is a literal and figurative mess; dramatic make outs spell doom for two couples; Dionne Slay arrives."
"A fivesome shakes up the dynamics of the house. Justin\u2019s self-destructive tendencies threaten his relationship with Max. Danny makes a connection."
"The house is determined to figure out which of the power couples is a Perfect Match. Jonathan is determined to burst a love bubble. Kai moves on in front of Jenna\u2019s face."
"Jonathan tries to make amends with Basit. One couple grows closer while others struggle to overcome toxic dating behaviors."
"Friends and family put the house on blast; Jenna tries to navigate strategy versus heart; a trip to the \"Boom Boom Room\" has explosive consequences."
"Tensions flare during the house party, Paige begins to drop her guard, and the singles try to convince Kai that his flirtatious behavior is hurting others."
"Three couples find out that they are a Perfect Match and two couples get bad news. Justin and Max get answers. Paige struggles to let down her walls."
"No description"
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