Follows real-life law enforcement officers from various regions and departments of the US armed with nothing but with cameras to capture their actions.

Duration:30 min




Season 1 - Cops
11 Mar 1989
"Suspected drug traffickers are arrested at an airport; a body is found floating in a canal; and an officer discusses his relationship with a colleague."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 2 - Cops
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 4 - Cops
"No description"
Season 6 - Cops
"In Nashville, Tennessee, female officers pose as prostitutes and a suspect is found sleeping in a stolen van."
"From Nashville, Tennessee, a man claims his stepson stole his truck and a man cuts himself during a seizure."
Season 8 - Cops
"From Tampa, Florida. Police set up a sting operation, a man is asleep in the road, officers investigate a possible suicide and gunfire."
"From Tampa, Florida, police set up a drug sting, investigate stolen snakes and a auto-theft ring."
"In Dallas, Texas, a drug-suspect leads officers in a chase, a body is found, officers investigate a child-protective case and a noise complaint."
"From Albuquerque, New Mexico, officers are called to a domestic dispute, arrest a shoplifter and a drunken driver."
"In Dallas, officers pursue a stolen vehicle, a disgruntled customer who bought a defective watch is calmed by police. In Ft Worth, a woman claims a crack dealer attacked her."
"Tampa, FL - Deputy Mike Fields and Deputy Mike Russell respond to an assault call with a belligerent woman who disobeys commands and drives away. Deputy Dexter Cross gets a complaint from a Walgreens store about three intoxicated men. Deputy Don Morris checks a parked car near a closed business and finds two men sitting inside. When the passenger is searched the driver runs away."
Season 9 - Cops
"No description"
"No description"
Season 10 - Cops
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 11 - Cops
"From Atlanta, Georgia. A drug dealer is questioned, a dispute erupts between transients and a car thief is caught sleeping in a stolen van."
"In Atlanta, Georgia, police catch a car-jacking suspect, a minivan catches fire and officers catch a robber posing as a parking-lot attendant."
"From Atlanta, Georgia. Police chase a suspect through a park, pursue a stolen vehicle and recover a ditched loaded weapon."
"An Atlanta PD Officer is hurt in a scuffle and a COPS camera operator, who happens to be a police officer himself, comes to his rescue. Also, an assault case, an arsonist and a drug seizure."
"From Arizona. A stolen suv pursuit, a domestic dispute ends in injuries and a suspect cannot spell his own name."
"From Arizona. A Deputy pursues a fleeing subject on foot, transients wander through traffic and a stolen vehicle is pursued."
"Atlanta, GA - Officer Michael O'Connor goes to an area reportedly where illegal drag racing was occurring. Senior Officer J.C. Clements pulls over a truck with a broken taillight an area where heroin is frequently sold. Officer Matt Cooper and Officer Craig Blakley pursue a speeding car and arrest the two occupants after a foot chase."
"Petersburg, VA - Officer Keith Schilke joins a vehicle pursuit which ends when the car crashes into a ditch. Virginia Beach, VA - Officer Adam Bracey finds a man and a woman undressed in the back seat of a car parked outside a busy nightclub. Officer Mark Miller investigates a home invasion involving an undercover officer."
"Fulton County, GA - Captain David F. Chadd joins a raid on a haven for known criminals, drug dealers, and prostitutes. Atlanta, GA - Officer Michael Centola responds to a call of two men fighting in a trailer park. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Jeff Crenshaw perform a traffic stop on two men not wearing their seat belts."
"Atlanta, GA - Officer R.D. Woody and Officer Ryan Thomas go to a standoff with a suicidal man in a truck. Fulton County, GA - Officer Debbie Banker goes to a 911 hangup call at an apartment to find a couple arguing. Atlanta, GA - Officer Jeff Glazier and Officer Jacquie Diederich notice a car in the ditch and find the driver has been shot in the head."
"Atlanta, GA - Officer Michael Centola arrests a female with bizarre makeup on her face after she drove through several red lights without stopping. Officer R.D. Woody drops off Officer Ryan Thomas so he can do surveillance on an area known for prostitution and drug dealing. Senior Officer Maury Escher and Eugene Johnson patrol during black college spring break."
"Atlanta, GA - Officer Kevin Otts acts as the pursuit car for a road block to find people without licences, insurance or driving stolen cars. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Jeff Crenshaw go to a burglary in progress to find a man locked inside an apartment after breaking in through a window. Senior Officer James Price joins the chase for a stolen vehicle."
"Atlanta, GA - Senior Officer J.C. Clements finds the same car that took off on him two months earlier and tossed a gun out the window. Officer Rick Lewis and Officer Jeff Crenshaw apprehend two men who stole property from a vehicle. Officer Jeff Glazier responds to a home invasion to find an elderly female that was pistol whipped."
"Riviera Beach, FL - Officer Josh Lewis join a pursuit where a car thief is ejected after being hit by a van in an intersection. Martin County, FL - Deputy Bob Pierce catches an alligator. Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Jeff Lower responds to two vagrant males exposing themselves to each other in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant."
"Petersburg, VA - Officer 1st Class Garret Robinson and Officer Kevin Reilly visit a man who called 911 three times to tell him the proper procedure. Virginia Beach, VA - MPO Brian Watson pulls over a car occupied by two females that seem to be lost in a known drug area. Officer Adam Bracey responds to a domestic call of a male beating a female in the parking lot of an apartment complex."
"Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Kenneth Voiret goes to a gas station where a woman alleges a man in a wheelchair assaulted her. Deputy Donta Manuel finds a man on the roof of a trailer home. Deputy Kenneth Voiret responds to a call of a drunk woman trespassing."
"Maricopa County, AZ - Deputy David Parra pursues a speeding car driven by a juvenile car thief. Mesa, AZ - Officer Stacey Adams responds to a domestic disturbance for the second time that day. Officer Cheri Johnson works undercover in a stolen bicycle sting operation."
"Atlanta, GA - Seargent Carrie Mills executes a search warrant for marijuana against a man who claims he doesn't sell it yet they find a duffel bag full in the attic. Officer R.D. Woody and Officer Ryan Thomas arrest a man after another claims he pointed a gun at him. Officer Wilson Carstaffin, Jr. is flagged down by man who says a girl has been stabbed."
"Mesa, AZ - FTO Tim Hines pulls over a truck for not having a licence plate light, but abandons the stop when two officers need assistance after being run over. Officer Adam Biermann responds with other officers to a call where a man was assaulted by his two brother in laws with a baseball bat. Maricopa County, AZ - Deputy Gary Robertson responds to a robbery at a convenience store where two suspects stole a case of beer, but failed to drive away."
"Riviera Beach, FL - Officer Jerry Smith joins a pursuit of a stolen vehicle that ends when it drives down a dead end road. Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Kenneth Voiret mediates between a one armed man and a bartender he accuses of stealing his money. Martin County, FL - Deputy Shawn Boorman sees a drunk man urinating in a flower bed and finds marijuana in his pocket while searching him."
Season 12 - Cops
"In Indianapolis, Indiana, a suspect breaks a police blockade, a speeder carries pot and parents lock out their children."
"From Indianapolis, Indiana. A fleeing suspect leaves marijuana in the car, a driver crashes into a telephone pole and a foul-mouthed suspect quarrels with a landlord and harasses his tenant."
"From Fort Worth, Texas: A man accused of stealing a car flees from the police, a suspect hits another man who is asleep with a beer bottle and a car stop in a known drug area leads to a search and a struggle with police."
"From Fort Worth, Texas: A man is armed with an assault rifle, a domextic dispute between a husband and wife and a domestic disturbance between a mother and daughter leads to the daughter being detained and then getting loose from her handcuffs."
"Fort Worth, TX - Officer Jim Grow arrests a young woman who stole a man's car from a convenience store earlier in the day. Officer Antonio Maldonado II meets a woman who wants her twenty dollars back when she didn't receive the illegal drugs she paid for. Officer Ruben Hernandez pulls over a car that almost hit him after failing to obey a stop sign."
"From Fort Worth, Texas. Police stake-out car thieves, see an alleged drug deal in progress and a man fights with his mother's elderly boyfriend."
"From Fort Worth, Texas. A man almost runs down officers, a woman pleads not to go to jail and a man hides marijuana in a Bible."
"From Albuquerque, New Mexico. Suspicious suspects in an automobile, theft of a cross-dresser's purse and cake is thrown in a woman's face."
"From Albuquerque, New Mexico. Officers believe a transvestite is hiding cocaine in his mouth, a suspect has an empty holster and counterfeit money."
"From Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police stage a prostitution sting, burglars are caught in the act and an officer witnesses a fight."
"From Albuquerque, New Mexico. A prostitute solicits an undercover officer, stolen video tapes are investigated, a person is busted for heroin possession and someone is charged with filing a false report."
"Indianapolis, IN - Officer Andrew Stradling helps a man who is slow to cooperate with paramedics after being shot in the chest by his brother. Marion County, IN - Deputy Dave Whitesell gets called to a trailer park where a fight between two girls escalates to the point parents become involved. Marion County, IN - Deputy Mark Myler goes to a house where a woman's seven year old boy has locked her out and won't let her in."
"Albuquerque, NM - Officer James Badway responds to a 911 hang up call from a known eccentric lady. Officer Michael Riley assists a bicycle officer in the pursuit of a man on another bicycle. Officer Michael Riley goes to a motel where a man was arguing with a woman contemplating prostitution."
"Albuquerque, NM - Deputy Leonard Armijo chases a car with occupants that shot at a police. Officer Gary Barboa visits an emotionally distraught woman who called 911. Officer Gary Barboa responds to a disturbance at a motel where they find a man being held down and tied up."
"Fort Worth, TX - Officer John Ost stops a driver who repeatedly asks to have his lawyer present. Officer Jerry Dalton responds to a report of a snake in a woman's bedroom. Officer Randy Watkins finds a woman on the hood of a car without any pants while a man is in the driver's seat."
"Fort Worth, TX - Officer Antonio Maldonado II chases a silver dual rear wheel pickup truck through a residential area. Officer Carolyn Jacoby joins a pursuit started by the gang unit and a helicopter until they reach a street closed for construction where it becomes a foot pursuit. Officer Ernesto Tamayo stops to find out why a man is sitting in a parked car, but he drives off leading to a chase during which he throws a loaded syringe out the window."
"Albuquerque, NM - K9 unit Officer Rick Garcia commands a man with a knife to get down on the floor. Officer Duffy Ryan and Officer Troy Weekley find two men sitting in a car while patrolling and discover one is carrying a gun. Seargent Clarence G. Davis runs a sting with police posing undercover as band members."
"Albuquerque, NM - Seargent Clarence G. Davis works a sting operation to arrest prostitutes. Pierce County, WA - Deputy Jeff Alwine arrests a man in a parking lot who stole lottery tickets. Las Vegas, NV - Officer Mike Quick organizes a bike sting."
"Fort Worth, TX - Officer Jim Grow walks to a former motel to look for drug dealers, but nearly gets run over with another officer in a narrow space as a car attempts to escape. Officer Royce Hearne pulls over a vehicle for failing to dim its headlights only to discover the female driver has 13 warrants after she breaks down in tears and confesses. Officer Ernesto Tamayo II pulls over an SUV for speeding and observes the passenger throw marijuana out the window."
Season 13 - Cops
"From Jacksonville, Florida. Stories include officers with a drug dealer, a stolen vehicle and a burglary."
"From Jacksonville, Florida. A neighborhood resident complains of male prostitution and officers remove a snake from a woman's home."
"In Jacksonville, Florida, officers search for missing marijuana, a man says his girlfriend's father damaged his belongings and a man denies assaulting a woman."
"In Jacksonville, Florida, police try to link a gun to a suspect, a man says his uncle stabbed him with the knife he gave him as a gift and a man says his daughter skipped school and smoked marijuana."
"From the Seattle\/Tacoma, Washington area. Police are involved in a high-speed chase, officers apprehend a suspect in front of his family and officers track an armed man."
14 Oct 2000
"In Arizona, police investigate a carjacking, a burglary and a stolen vehicle."
"From Arizona, a fleeing motorist crashes into a ditch, officers question a man who says his girlfriend was destroying his house and a woman says her ex-boyfriend beat her."
07 Jul 2001
Season 14 - Cops
"In Palm Beach, Florida, a man threatens to kill people at an car rental company when they refuse to rent him a car and a driver throws something out a vehicle window that draws suspicion."
"From Palm Beach, Florida. Police chase a suspicious man who was loitering in a parking lot and get called to a domestic dispute at a mobile-home park."
"A naked man is covered in blood, police find a nude couple in a truck bed and officers are involved in a high-speed chase."
"Officers are involved in a pursuit, domestic disturbance and a car chase."
"Police take part in what turns out to be a dangerous pursuit, officers get called to a domestic dispute and police spot a suspicious vehicle."
"Stories include a suspicious odor comimg from a car window, a domestic dispute and an undercover sting."
"COPS Coast To Coast.\n\nOfficer's chase through a neighborhood, deal with an intoxicated suspect and a suspect bails out of his car during a routine traffic stop."
"COPS Coast To Coast.\n\nSuspects abandon a car and flee into a residential area, a driver admits to drinking and officers investigate an attempted burglary."
"From Des Moines, Iowa: A vehicle pursuit involving a driver who honks repeatedly while holding a cross out the window. From Fort Worth, Texas: Officers stop a woman leaving a known drug house. From Fort Worth, Texas: Two cars drag race right in front of an officer."
"(Des Moines, IA - 9:22 PM Fight Call)"
"(Des Moines, IA - 6:35 PM Violent Person Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Lori Wilson has been there four years and meets a lot of nice people along with the bad. She gets a lot of good feedback too. A naked bloody black man on PCP goes crazy in a park. He tries to punch through a wooden fence and gets maced. A dozen cops jump him and a female cop gets covered in blood and has to be cleansed in the ambulance. Chattanooga, TN (2:12 AM Suspicious Person Call) Fox Station - Officer Brian Russell says he never discussed with his wife about being a cop. He then goes a gas station where a U Haul is parked and they open it to find a dirty old hippie couple sleeping naked inside with their dog. The guy has no ID because it got burned in a fire, but later says he had permission to be there. They just got back from Arkansas and had nowhere to stay. Atlanta, GA (5:30 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff stops a car for having no license plate lights. He stops and when the cop gets out he drives off across town. He pulls off into a neighborhood and runs into the woods and is caught. He crashed into three cars along the way and had no license. #1411. 11\/10\/01"
"(Des Moines, IA - 8:18 PM Assistance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Joe Morgan has been there eleven years and likes the city because it is small, but not too small, there is still lots to do. An off duty cop is in a foot pursuit. Pursuit; domestic disturbance; car chase. Chattanooga TN\/Atlanta, GA #1412. 9\/15\/01"
"(Atlanta, GA - 5:01 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff says his family has gotten used to his role as a police officer. You can't ever take for granted the risks one takes being a cop on the street. His family is more at ease with his job and loves the fact he is a cop. Dangerous pursuit; domestic dispute; suspicious vehicle. Chattanooga TN\/Des Moines IA #1413. 9\/22\/01"
"(Chattanooga, TN - 2:01 AM Man with a Gun) Fox Station - Officer Jonathan Chambers says whatever happens at work stays at work. He talks to his wife briefly and gives her the highlights because she's interested in what happens and leaves it at that, otherwise it'll drive him crazy. He responds to a man-with-a-gun call, and later apprehends a suspect who attempted to sell stolen property. In Des Moines, IA, Officers Morgan and Helle question two brothers who were involved in a fistfight. In Atlanta, GA, Officer Cotter interviews a woman who claims that her boyfriend allegedly punched her in the mouth while she was walking down the street. #1414. 9\/29\/01"
"(Chattanooga, TN - 7:13 PM Traffic Stop) Alpha Team - Sgt. Edwin McPherson says they work street level stopping minor dope deals. His partner Officer Curtis Green says it is never a dull moment with Edwin. They stop a car for having a loose license plate and question several people after detecting the odor of marijuana emanating from their vehicle. In Des Moines, IA - Officers Wilson and Matalone are called to a residence to investigate a domestic dispute and after finding broken glass and drops of blood at the front door, their attention shifts to the unsanitary conditions of the kitchen area. In Atlanta, GA, Officers Huff and Strickland assist an undercover unit after a suspicious vehicle is discovered. #1415. 10\/6\/01"
"(Chattanooga, TN - 6:40 PM Stolen Vehicle) Fox Station - Officer Christopher Smith says his uncle was a police chief which inspired him. His partner Officer David Holloway wanted to be a cop since he was age five. He wants to be the best cop he can be, help people and catch bad guys. They observe as the driver of a stolen vehicle crashes into the side of a house. In Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Eddleman happens upon a fire at a local motel, a blaze later determined to be the work of an arsonist. In Des Moines, Iowa, Officer Cornwell gives chase when a speeding motorcyclist ditches his vehicle and flees on foot. #1416. 11\/17\/01"
"(Atlanta, GA - 5:05 AM Traffic Stop) Zone 1 - Officer Frank Huff says police are like regular people just doing their jobs. He then pursues a white Dodge Durango seen in a known drug area. Officer Huff pursues a driver who eventually loses control of his vehicle and slams into a wall. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Officer Willoughby questions a woman with a large plug of hair missing from the back of her head, which she she claims was the result of being assaulted by a man she met at an AA meeting. In Des Moines, Iowa, Officer Curtis loses sight of a fleeing suspect, and with the help of a witness, discovers the man relieving himself in a public port-a-potty. #1417. 11\/24\/01"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 10:48 PM Traffic Stop) East Division - Officer Michael Martinez has worked in four departments in the zero tolerance units with good people. He questions two male suspects and a prostitute riding in the same car, and when the driver suddenly pulls away, Martinez gives chase and observes as the male suspects abandon the woman on a dangerous stretch of the interstate. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Officer Pendygraft stops and questions a suspect who claims he was on his way to a friend's house, but during a routine search, the officer uncovers a large quantity of marijuana crammed into the suspect's pants. #1418. 11\/31\/01"
"(Chattanooga, TN - 9:28 PM Robbery Call) Fox Station - Officer Phillip McClain was born and raised there and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Like most cities they have their problems. The biggest thing that keeps him there is that he wants to factor himself in the equation of ridding the city of some of its' criminal element. McClain responds to a robbery report at a local motel, and upon entering the nervous suspect's room discovers bags of crack cocaine stuffed in the bathroom ceiling vent. In Fort Worth, TX, Officer Maldonaldo orders a a driver to pull off the road after the man was observed leaving a known drug house. In Des Moines, IA - Officer Morgan assists a father whose five-year-old son suddenly ran out of the house and disappeared into the neighborhood. #1419. 1\/19\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 2:03 AM Traffic Stop) North Division - Officer David Tate says everyone in Baker district has a nickname, his is Tater because of his last name. There are lots of crimes, but the ones he likes best are catching car thieves and burglars - it's rewarding. He sees a vehicle on 28th with a head light out. It turns south on McHenry and runs a stop sign. He instructs them pull off the road, but the suspect speeds off into a neighborhood and eventually attempts a getaway on foot. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Chambers tracks down an intoxicated suspect who was ejected from a local bar for causing trouble, but after giving the man a warning and calling a cab, Chambers later discovers that the suspect jumped out of the cab a block away. In Des Moines, IA #1420. 2\/2\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 9:26 PM Stolen Vehicle) East Division - Officer Chris Leary says the most common misconception about police is they're not human beings and have no feelings and no respect for people. They might have had bad dealings with the police and don't realize they are just like them and put their pants on one leg at a time. He instructs the driver of a stolen vehicle to pull off the road, but when the suspect complies, he and a passenger flee into a residential area. In Des Moines, IA, Officer Frentess stops the driver of a speeding vehicle and although the suspect first claims he had not been drinking, he later admits having consumed two beers and claims he did not know how fast he had been driving. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Miller responds to an attempted robbery at a local residence. #1421. 1\/12\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 11:04 PM Stolen Vehicle) East Division - Officer Brian Clark says one of the useful tools they have are K-9 unit and a helicopter called Air One. It's piloted by a civilian and an officer observer. They get involved in pursuits and missing persons. It has a several million candle power light called 'Night Sun' and a Fleer system that can see heat sources on the ground and can tell a dog from a person, pretty efficient. He follows a car involved in a robbery with 3 people going east on Ave I, North on South Caller. He gives chase when a gang member driving a stolen vehicle refuses to pull off the road and later he gives chase when the suspect and his passenger bail out of the car and flee on foot. In Des Moines, IA, Officers Moody and Gallardo are called to a local bar where they learn that a suspect threw a drink at a woman when she refused to dance with him, which triggered a fight between the suspect and the woman's boyfriend. Officers answer a call at a Chattanooga, TN bar. #1422. 1\/26\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 11:02 PM Roll Call) East Division - Sgt. Phillip South talks about a string of home invasion where 4-5 black males hit Vietnamese residences between 10p - 1am, no description of people or vehicles. There MO is to kick in the front door, 4 go in and 1 looks out. They take TVs, VCRs and cash. In Fort Worth, Texas, Officer Jacoby helps apprehend the driver of a stolen vehicle and, upon searching the suspect, recovers several distinct tools associated with professional car thieves. In Des Moines, IA, Officer Cornwell stops a suspect for a routine traffic violation and finds a biohazard container filled with syringes and methampehtamine inside his van. In Chattanooga, TN, the Street Crimes Unit arrests several suspected drug dealers during a buy-bust operation. #1423. 2\/9\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 9:08 PM Suspicious Activity) East Division - Officer J.R. Mendoza is very proud of being a cop, it's a family tradition with sever members including his father, a few uncles, younger cousin and brother are cops. He loves the city, gotten a lot in return. His partner Officer Antonio Maldonaldo II says they are going to a known drug house and they are going to watch it and see if they can catch any deals. He goes out with binoculars to watch. They draw their weapons and order a suspect to exit his vehicle after they observe him participate in an drug transaction. In Des Moines, IA Officer Wilson is dispatched to investigate a domestic dispute and receives a report that two suspects are armed with a knife and a pair of scissors. In Fort Worth, TX Officers Mendoza and Nolan search a driver's vehicle after observing the occupants leaving a house used for drug dealing. #1424. 2\/16\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 4:16 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) North Division - Officer W.E. Spakes has been there 3 years in NPD2 Baker District. It's primarily a Hispanic community, a barrio. The biggest problem is communication since he doesn't speak Spanish well. He is Baker 14 and goes to a stolen car pursuit that lead to a crash on 28th and Angle in a residential area. The car is the wrong way in the bushes, the front tire is gone, the hood and front end is wrecked and there is smoke coming from the engine. Officer Ernesto Flores caught the black passenger in a red shirt soon after. The Mexican driver in the yellow shirt and blue jeans is missing. They find him in a fetal position next to the car in the bushes. W.E. gives him a sternum rub which makes him move. He is OK. They brief Sgt. William Hernandez on the scene afterwards. Des Moines, AI (8:55 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer John Poplawski is Polish & Spanish and people wonder where he got his name. It works out because he is able to communicate with the community. Officer Kenneth Brown is his partner. They speak with a woman who claims her daughter's intoxicated boyfriend damaged a mailbox and then fled the scene. In Chattanooga, TN, Officer Willoughby apprehends a driver who ignored instructions to pull over. #1425. 2\/23\/02"
"(Tampa, FL - 12:02 AM Traffic Stop) Hillsborough County, FL - Officer White arrests a suspect operating a vehicle with a suspended license who admits to having consumed a few drinks earlier that day. Fort Worth, TX - Officer Genualdo questions a victim who claims that a suspect put a knife to her neck, robbed her of money and fled the scene. Later, a police helicopter is dispatched to investigate when a man fitting the suspect's description is spotted running across a nearby river. Tampa, FL - Officer Dennison searches. #1426. 3\/2\/02"
"(Tampa, FL - 1:55 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - Officer David Dennison says his dad was a cop for 29 years, still is and he worked graveyard too and he always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He is dispatched to investigate a burglary-in-progress at a local warehouse filled with expensive merchandise. In San Bernardino, CA, Officers Alcala and Arca search for a 77-year-old suspect who kicked in the door of a residence and threatened the occupants with a large knife. In Fort Worth, TX, Officers Tate and Eddleman stop a driver operating a car with an expired registration and, upon searching the vehicle discover a shotgun, drugs and more. #1427. 2\/23\/02"
"(Des Moines, IA - 3:05 AM Officer Assistance Call) 3rd Watch - Officer Chris Wellman always wanted to be a cop, but had to get his foot in the door, so he went in the Marines and came back to be a cop where he was born and raised. Cops tried to pull a guy over which led to a chase in the loop area. He is in a truck and not going very fast with many cops behind him. They would do a PIT, but they are not allowed to on high up vehicles. The driver holds up a cross when they pull up to him as they get permission to box him in. He is surrounded and won't come out so they break the window. The man is Mexican and says, \"You are all going to be sorry, god bless you. God is here with me.\" He has Q-tip crosses taped on the windows and a cross taped on the back. Officer Michael McBride tried to pull him over. He was laying on the horn the whole time as he told him to stop. He drove away and started laying on the horn again so he went to pull him over again. The guy says he's allowed to honk all night in this country. No one got hurt, so it's all good. Forth Worth, TX (9:05 PM) East Division - Officer Sean Blaydes says being a cop is a pretty fun job, lots of leeway, can do as little or as much as you want with no boss breathing down your neck. Some days have nothing, some are constant. Officer Tegan Broadwater tries to take nothing home and tell no stories, but his wife keeps hitting him up for information though he likes to keep it on the street. They pull a woman over and she digs through a pile of papers. They ask what she is doing. She was visiting her friend Cassandra on Rosedale and Hemphill, hasn't been anywhere else. She hasn't stopped anywhere even though they saw her. They pull her out and she keeps pulling her lip up showing her teeth. They search her pockets and all she has is a phone number. Then she says she stopped at another friends house since she is a stripper and has a lot of friends and thinks they are messing with her. She says she has a point and a spoon in the car and is willing to get naked if they want since she does it for a living. She pulled a muscle in her leg and needs help to sit. They find a bag of needles and a spoon. She says she gets high after work, only spends $20 a day and used to spend $300 a day. She rambles on and on about her mom and going to court for not having headlights. She got off at 7:30pm, went to a house and shot up at Cassandra's. They find some unused drugs. She just got out of jail for heroin, now she's going back. Forth Worth, TX (12:02 AM) North Division - Officer Ernesto Tamayo II works with the CCRT unit, Crime Response Team, whatever tasks they give them they deal with. He grew up on the east side, joined the Air Force, didn't think about being a cop, just ended up there. He pulls up behind two guys about to drag race. He thinks they are going to call it off and they race anyway. He turns on the lights as they speed off and he gets the first guy to pull over and the second guy soon after. He thinks the Camero is going to u-turn and run on him, but he stays put. Ernesto tells them he was right behind him and they didn't see him. Alvin in the Ford is 39 and says the guy in the Camero was teasing him the whole way. Ernesto admits he saw him taunting him and he fell for it. The guy in the Camero is 25 and says he wasn't breaking the speed limit and he wasn't racing. Ernesto laughs. First guy and says he was having fun, but this isn't the place, someone could get killed. The Camero guy didn't mean no harm. Ernesto says if these lose control they could wipe someone out. Alvin says he was playing catch up, he would've caught him. He gives them tickets and says they have raceways they can take it to. They should've looked in their rearview at least before they do something stupid. #1428. 3\/9\/02"
"523 \tCoast to Coast 20 (Tampa, FL - 11:14 PM Man with a gun call) 911 Communication Center - A call comes in to 911 by a black woman screaming that a man is after her with a gun and hangs up. District 2 - Officer Jason Tkach takes the call to the 1600 block at River Cove. Before she can say where she is the phone goes dead. Tire thieves; a car contains crack cocaine; liquor-store incident. Ft. Worth TX\/Tampa FL #1429. 3\/16\/02"
"(Tampa, FL - 3:41 AM Burglary in Progress) District 2 - MPO Robert Newberry decided to get into law enforcement when he was five. He was working at a racetrack that his dad was part owner of and one day his dad saved him from a wild race car making all this noise and he took off running and he grabbed him and he always looked up to him for that. Two black men were seen trying to steal tires off a car in a dealership on the main road. They find one hiding under a red car as the K9 looks for the second one. They all run down the road and catch him in a parking lot. The guy screams, wails and cried to god he didn't do it and only ran because he was scared. He said he needed the money or else they would kill him, but he doesn't know them and was just holding the tools. Ft. Worth, TX (4:07 PM Suspicious Activity) Officer J.R. Mendoza talks about how he is still going to college. He sees a car sitting alone under a bridge alone in a known drug area. He goes above it on the overpass and looks down and sees a woman in a blue pickup truck using a needle. He and Maldanado go down and bust her and her husband Barnet of three years is the driver. She says her shoulder is injured, she is scared and hasn't ever been cuffed before. They find crack and he is getting arrested and she cries, pleads and says it is hers. San Bernardino - Two men drive a stolen car to a liquor store. The fat guy wants a discount on half a pint of Vodka because it is his birthday. He says he knows the owner Charlie, but he isn't there. The cashier won't do it and he gets belligerent. The cops talk to him and find out he is on parole and now he can go back to jail for Christmas. #1430. 4\/6\/02"
"(Palm Beach County FL - 1:42 AM Suspicious Activity) District 3 - Officer Phyllis Kearney wanted to get into law enforcement in Ireland, but the economy was pretty bad so she had to do it here. There is such a difference between Irish cops. They call them gardy. They don't carry guns unless they are in a special branch So when she came here and carried a gun her mother freaked out. She isn't used to it. When she visited she was pretty worried, but saw the people she worked with and was content. She comes upon two women, a blonde helping a brunette who is on the ground. She is bruised on the head and says her husband hit her with a bat during an argument. She swears she will kill him when she gets a hold of him; officers spot a car being driven backward down a one-way street. San Bernardino CA\/Fort Worth TX #1431. 4\/27\/02"
"(San Bernardino, CA - 8:25 PM Traffic Stop) Victorville Station - Deputy Osvaldo Pelayes says he gets a lot of hot calls, especially in the summertime. A suspect flies into a rage in the back of a squad car; a suspect drives a car backward down a one-way street. Hillsborough County FL\/Ft. Worth TX. 500th Episode. #1432. 4\/27\/02"
"(Fort Worth, TX - 12:59 AM Car Pursuit) East Division - Officer Brian Clark enjoys working the midnight shift. When the call load goes down he can be more proactive and it looks for things. The shift works out because when he's going home his 2 and 4 year old are waking up so he can play with them. Fortunately for his son and daughter they got his wife's good looks and not his chiseled features. A car runs a stop sign at Ave K and he chases him until he bails at Ave L. They get out, but don't go far and he holds two Mexican men at gunpoint and tells them to get on the ground. The passenger has trouble listening, the driver doesn't come out and another passenger ran away. A woman comes out of the house they pulled into and wants to know what's going on. Brian tells them they ran from the police. The driver says he ran because he didn't want his father's car to get towed and he doesn't have a license. Brian says it will get towed now and all he would've gotten was a ticket. The guy in the orange pants lives there, the driver doesn't. He's been to jail before and says the car isn't stolen and he almost wiped out on the last turn. The new law in Texas is that if you run from the police it's a felony. They find a Coke can filled with paint in the car and the driver says he knows the paint is bad, he's not in a gang and knew better than to run. San Bernardino, CA (5:57 AM Traffic Stop) Deputy Phil Dupper works in the unincorporated part of town where there are no lights, two people on horses and lots of yards on the streets. He pulls over a bashes up, dirty truck for not having a license plate light. He says he lives right there and has no license. Phil wants him to take it easy. Fred is a white guy with a purple doorag who gets all wiry when he gets out. He cuffs him and searches him. He asks him why he's doing this, his son is probably watching him. He says he did nothing wrong, has nothing, but he finds speed on him. He says he's working on getting his license and he hasn't had a license for 10 years. His truck is dirty from working. He finds a bit of weed in the truck. Phil finds it interesting that Fred has a D.A.R.E. shirt on since he\u2019s sending the wrong message. The Sgt. backs him up. Fred can't believe he is getting arrested, he did nothing wrong. Phil asks about the shirt, he says it's a hand me down shirt he uses for work, he's a bricklayer, he doesn't know. He's been using for a few years, trying to quit. Tampa, FL (11:55 PM Suspicious Vehicle) District 2 - Cpl Todd Lunge talks about a call he once took for a domestic with several brothers having a party. One had a bat and he screamed, threw the bat down, it hit the ground, bounced back up and hit him in the head knocking him out, so he was easy to arrest. He spots a red pick up truck parked in a known drug area. He pulls up and there is a woman in a designer bowler hat sleeping on the front seat. A window is open and a door is unlocked so he opens it and shakes her. She says let go, asks what he's doing and says she's fine. He asks if she knows who he is. She says an officer of the law and she was sleeping and doesn't know if there are drugs in there. A guy was giving her a ride home and she fell asleep. Todd spots a Brillo pad and she says nothing in the truck is hers even though there's a pocketbook with woman's clothes and gold shoes. She says it's not hers. Backup arrives and he says it's Signal 10 and puts her in the back of his car. The guy she was with is a black guy with a mustache and no name. In the bag he finds a prescription bottle with her name on it and cocaine inside. He also finds a crack pipe. Todd goes back and reads her rights. The truck is stolen and she says the prescription is not hers and she doesn't have a crack pipe. He says right, he has it now and he'll dump her clothes since they aren't hers. They can't prove she stole the truck, so she'll get trespassing. #1433. 9\/21\/02"
"(Atlanta, GA - 3:37 AM Car Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Greg Dabny spots a car with no tail light and goes to pull him over and he runs. Turns out the black male driver with no pants on abducted a young black woman in a short silver dress off the street at gunpoint and forced her into his car to give him a blow job. Cops chase him and he flips the car over a fence and she falls out and has bloody knees. An officer chases a half-naked driver; a nude man breaks into a school; a nude runs through a residential neighborhood; officers order nude sunbathers to cover up; nudity at a Mardi Gras party. Cleveland, OH\/Las Vegas, NV\/Kansas City, KS\/Jackson Co #1434. 4\/27\/02"
"(Atlanta, GA - 4:07 PM Car Pursuit) Zone 3 - Officer Michel Centola responds to an unmarked car that needs his marked car in a pursuit and the suspect almost hit him. An unmarked unit chases a dangerous driver; a biting woman says she is a vampire; a woman removes her clothing and jumps into a public fountain; an officer questions a transvestite. Las Vegas, NV from #340\/Clark County\/Sacramento, CA\/Forth Worth, TX\/Kodiak, AK\/San Bernardino, CA. Reruns as Too Hot for Television on other channels or Outrageous Calls. #1435. 4\/27\/02"
"(Houston, TX - 12:32 AM Car Pursuit) Police officers face life-threatening situations; dangerous car chases; officers detonate grenades during a drug raid. #1436. 9\/14\/02"
Season 15 - Cops
"Stories in COPS - Coast To Coast Episode 1508 include an officer is forced to shoot a suspect in the leg and a suspect unknowingly picks up a transvestite in Las Vegas."
Season 16 - Cops
"Portland, OR - Suicidal man climbs a construction crane. Maricopa County, AZ - Deputy Brandon Uptain arrests a man beating a woman. San Bernardino County, CA - Deputy Hank Valencia attends the rescue of a man stranded on a truck in a river."
"Portland, OR - Officer Jason Preston responds to a naked man riding a bike. Des Moines, IA - Officer Michael Coughlin catches a tattooed man naked in the back of an SUV. Des Moines, IA - Officer Lori Wilson arrests a naked bleeding man who tries to escape by breaking through a fence."
"Cpl. Damiano of New Jersey's Passaic County Sheriff's Department detains a suspicious male he saw sidestep into a nearby apartment building."
"Sgt. R. Ragili of the Palm Beach, FL, County Sheriff's Office conducts a reverse-prostitution sting designed to capture suspected \"\"johns.\"\" Deputy Lisa Whiddon poses as prostitute in an attempt to attract interested clients. The first suspicious \"\"john\"\" is taken into custody after offering Deputy Whiddon $10 for oral sex."
"Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy James Tacktikos arrests a shirtless man who threatens to sue. Wichita, KS - Officer Chad Cornish interviews a shirtless man accused of fighting with his neighbours. Indio, CA - Sergeant Jeff Hicks takes female parolee into custody for domestic violence against her girlfriend."
"Passaic County, NJ - Detective Derin Catli chases three suspects in a Honda Civic that crashes into a parked car. Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Jeff Lower pursues a vehicle reported stolen by the driver's mother. Jacksonville, FL - Sergeant John Anderson organizes a prostitution sting."
"Passaic County, NJ - Officer Jason DeGroat assist another officer in a foot pursuit. Maui, HI - Officer Nicholas Krau performs a traffic stop where the driver runs away and abandons his vehicle with crystal meth inside. Passaic County, NJ - Corporal Joe Petrocelli arrests a male observed buying drugs in the housing projects in Paterson."
"Passaic County, NJ - Corporal Anthony Damiano busts the same person for second time in a week for buying drugs. Albuquerque , NM - Officer John Guilmette responds to a trespassing call to find a man hiding under a mattress. Wichita, KS - Officer Justin McCluskey assists another officer to catch a bike thief."
"Jacksonville, FL - Officer Tom Hemsley responds to a shots fired call to find a body on the floor of a trailer home. Spokane, WA - Officer Jason Uberuaga assists officers on a warrant call where they send a K9 into the basement of a house. Pierce County, WA - Deputy Erik Clarkson attempts to perform a traffic stop on a Chevrolet El Camino but the driver shoots at him and refuses to pull over."
"Jacksonville, FL - Officer Frank Canaday finds a vehicle traveling on the freeway that escaped from a chase in another police zone. Whittier, CA - Officer David Elizarraras searches for a driver that escaped on foot from another officer. Maui, HI - Officer Cliffor Pacheco pulls a van over, but lets the driver go when someone reports an assault with a pipe close by."
"From Passaic County, New Jersey: Police call in a K-9 unit to search for narcotics after a foot chase. From Witchia, Kansas: Two suspicious people are sitting in a car in front of an abandoned house. One is arrested for possesion of drug paraphernalia. From Palm Beach County, Florida: An officer arrests a man for domestic battery."
"Philadelphia, PA - Officer Neil Carr chases a young man on a bicycle who swallows his drugs. Spokane, WA - Officer Brian Eckersley responds to a call where a business owner sits on a rottweiler dog to keep it from biting anyone. Des Moines, IA - Officer Mike Moody observes a biker outside a bar in an altercation with his girlfriend."
"Spokane, WA - Officer Rob Boothe pulls over a tattooed man who gets tasered when it appears he's going to fight the smaller officers. Portland, OR - Officer Tim Manzella arrests a man on a bicycle who flees after they observe him with a known prostitute. Wichita, KS - Officer Eric Smith responds to a domestic dispute between a father and son at a rural trailer home."
"Palm Beach County, FL - Deputy Grant Henderson works with undercover officers in a drug sting. Spokane, WA - Officer Charles J. Pavlischak assists in a domestic disturbance call where they kick open the front door of a house to arrest the man inside. Des Moines, IA - Officer Joe Morgan keeps a turkey sandwich ready to go on his dashboard, and gets his car stuck on railroad tracks while pursuing a motorcycle."
"Portland, OR - Officer Craig Mendenhall assists officers involved in a foot chase including an officer on a horse. Palm Springs, CA - Officer Sam Steepleton assists another officer in a traffic stop involving a man wanted for burglarizing vending machines. Wichita, KS - Officer Aaron Gillespie responds to a domestic disturbance where a father won't let his son into the house."
"Passaic County, NJ - Corporal Anthony Damiano pulls over a car seen leaving a known drug area, and persuades the two occupants to admit buying heroin. Riverside County, CA - Deputy Matthew Sims stops to investigate a car without working tail lights, and another officer notices one of the three occupants smells like marijuana. Wichita, KS - Officer Javier Guete sees a car at a known drug house and waits until it leaves before stopping the driver for having a cracked windshield."
"Jacksonville, FL - Officer Lance Whitaker investigates a suspicious parked car with two people inside, and one resists arrest by running away before he can be put in the patrol car. Maui, HI - Officer Nicholas Krau assists with a vehicle refusing to stop leading to a foot chase in the bush. Maricopa County, AZ - Deputy J. Gilchrist pursues a black motorcycle that resembles one stolen earlier."
"Spokane, WA - Officer Daniel Waters responds with other officers to a shoplifting call inside a 7-Eleven convenience store. Jacksonville, FL - Officer Jamie Eason pulls over a car for a traffic infraction after it was seen leaving a know drug house. Philadelphia, PA - Officer William Toughill respond to a domestic disturbance at an apartment involving a woman who slashed another with a knife."
"When Sgt. Valentino Demps of the Jacksonville, FL, Sheriff's Office supervises a buy-bust sting designed to capture unsuspecting drug dealers in an area known for high drug activity, a suspect takes off on foot after completing a drug deal with undercover agents, and another sting features a suspect quickly taken into custody after he sells drugs to the undercover agent. Additionally, Officer Joe Luiz and Officer Troy Pahlke of the Portland, OR, Police Bureau investigate a dispute between a tow truck operator and a vehicle owner. At the scene, the tow truck operator informs the officers that he was in the process of removing a vehicle from a private parking lot, while the vehicle's owner claims that his girlfriend, an exotic dancer, has to perform lap dances in order to generate the money to pay the release fee. To the dancer's dismay, the tow truck operators don't wait for her to complete her routine and promptly tow away the vehicle."
"No description"
Season 17 - Cops
18 Sep 2004
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 18 - Cops
"In the 18th season premiere, deputies Marc Taub and Joseph Ensminger of the Travis County, TX, Sheriff's Office question the residents of a home that has been burglarized and we learn that someone went into the house and completely trashed it. However, there is no sign of forced entry and nothing is missing from the property. The complainant and his friend, who appear inebriated, explain that they think they know who did it, and they believe it occurred because they would not smoke enough pot with him. Deputies take fingerprints from an article in the kitchen and advise the residents to be careful about whom they hang out with. In another segment, Corporal Bev Genevish, Officer James Presley and Lt. J.T. Strickland of the Gwinnett County, GA, Police Department investigate a call about a car hitting person riding a bike. At the scene, the driver's car has run off the road, and while the vehicle's windshield and hood are both damaged, the driver claims to have no memory of hitting anyone. As the investigation continues, a bloodied young boy stumbles toward officers, but the injury has impaired his memory and he cannot remember how it happened."
"When Detectives Rudy Reynoso and Juan Gonzalez of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department respond to a call regarding the discovery of a human skull in a local park, they conduct an extensive and cautious search. With the assistance of a forensic anthropologist, they find additional human bones and discarded clothing in the immediate area. After an exhaustive day, the remains are identified when the serial number from a cell phone is traced to a man who has been reported missing. Another segment featuring the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department follows Officer Christopher Curtis responding to a domestic disturbance call. At the scene, the officer interviews a woman who claims that her unstable ex-boyfriend tried to break into her apartment. The ex-boyfriend confirms the woman's account and eventually comes to the emotional realization that he loves a woman who does not feel the same."
"Officers Judy Abercrombie and Diane King of the Gwinnett County, GA, Police Department respond to a domestic disturbance call from a local motel. As the officers approach the motel, they encounter a man and woman arguing in the parking lot. At the scene, the woman slaps the man after catching him a truck with another woman. Meanwhile, the emotional female is accused of running the man down and officers investigate further. Also featured is Deputy David Jones of the Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff's Office, responding to a call where a male suspect has consumed large amounts of methamphetamine intravenously. While the incredibly altered, sweating and shaking suspect claims he's searching for a higher power, paramedics are called to the scene."
"Stories include a fight call, police respond to a theft call as students attempt to steal a hotel's fake flamingo, and a prostitute is arrested during a traffic stop."
"COPS in Lee County Florida. Stories include a domestic distrubance call where the husband fears for his life from his wife."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Nevada. Stories include a simple car stop over a broken tail light yields a jar of meth."
"When Detective Jason Lando of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police investigates suspicious activity in a parking lot frequented by drug users and prostitutes, the parked driver claims to be waiting for her daughter. As the investigation continues, officers recognize the driver\u2019s daughter as someone they encounter frequently. The shaky young girl is found with drug paraphernalia and the situation becomes very emotional as she is detained in front of her mother. On the other side of the country, Sgt. Tom Jenkins of the Las Vegas, NV, Metropolitan Police Department stops a young female behaving suspiciously on the legendary Las Vegas strip. After the female suspect lies to Sgt. Jenkins, she eventually breaks down and admits to working the streets. Another segment features Officer Derek Bishop of the Spokane, WA, Police Department, responding to a call where a female suspect claims to be hitchhiking. Although she was ticketed several weeks before for prostitution, she maintains her innocence. When officers begin to question her credibility, some arresting surprises surface and the suspect attempts to bargain with officers."
"From Las Vegas, Nv. Stories include a call for assistance at an apartment complex in which an uncooperative supect is dealt with."
"Stories from Ft. Myers, Fl.. Las Vegas and Lee County, Florida. Police are dispatched to a call from a person who was approached by a man with a gun that claimed he had used it in robbing a bank."
"From Ft. Myers, Fl., Las Vegas, Nv., and Fresno, Ca. Stories include Police setting out to apprehend drug dealers by using a taxi cab."
"From Las Vegas, Nv, Travis County, Texas, and Atlanta, Ga. Police respond to a call that involves a man who has detained by force a suspect caught in the act of vandalism. Other stories include a domestic disturbance in Texas and a stolen car in Georgia."
"From Gwinnett County, GA; Las Vegas, NV; and Travis County, TX. Stories include a fight in progress call; a family dispute; and a car stop reveals a large quantity of marijuana."
"Stories are from Gwinnett, County, Ga, Las Vegas, Nv, Travis County, Tx and Atlanta, Ga. A backpack full of drugs is found during the arrest of suspects in an area known for heroin deals."
"In Las Vegas, Nevada, officers respond to a disturbance call where a customer was threatened by a disturbed man."
"When Det. Joe Lewis and Sgt. Jason Snyder of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police stop a vehicle, the driver immediately speeds off and a chase ensues. Once apprehended, the suspect tells the undercover officers he was afraid of being sent to jail for having a small amount of \u201cweed\u201d in his pocket. However, as the investigation continues, we learn that the suspect has been convicted of a felony. Another segment features Officers Derrick Pendergrass and Zach Fuller of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Department stopping a vehicle for having tags that don\u2019t match the car they are allegedly registered to, and for failure to maintain lanes. The driver appears very nervous and immediately hands the officers an empty plastic bag. This intoxicated suspect admits that beer somehow spilled in the front seat of his car"
"When Officer Alan Edwards and K-9 Officer Craig Hamilton of the Spokane, WA, Police Department respond to a call regarding a male who has been eluding police and burglarizing homes, the suspect is initially found hiding on the roof of a dwelling. When the suspect scrambles around, there is a short negotiation after officers announce they have a police dog. Another segment features Officers Michael Joiner and Kevin Trussell of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Department as they respond to a call from a woman who wants to know if her husband is manufacturing meth in their home."
"Detectives Tony Moreno and Brian Nicholas of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police approach two individuals they suspect are involved in an illegal \"hand to hand\" drug transaction. When a suspect turns and attempts to dispose of a handgun, the detectives arrest both individuals without any hesitation. After it is discovered that the detained suspect's mouth is filled with crack, he dramatically laments his situation, calling himself a \"loser.\" In a disturbing and shocking segment, Officers Jack Carson and Sally Jones of the Anchorage, AK, Police Department respond to bizarre call about a male suspect attempting to sell or trade a juvenile female for crack cocaine."
"When Officers Jeremy Daniel and Jerry Anderson of the Spokane, WA, Police Department respond to a call about a male suspect, armed with a knife, who is apparently on drugs and has threatened to kill at least one person, they are forced to have a physical altercation with the enraged man. The episode also features Officer Darrell Evans of the Anchorage, AK, Police Department investigating a report of two men who earlier assaulted a male victim and told their dog to attack."
"Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga, TN, Police Department responds to a call where a bleeding woman has passed out on the sidewalk. At the scene, it becomes obvious that the woman is extremely intoxicated and cannot recall anything. When the woman refuses to sit still, she attempts to bite Officer Pendergrass.\n\nIn another segment, when Deputy Heather Savage of the Martin County, FL, Sheriff's Office spots a woman walking down a strip of highway known for heavy drug and prostitution activity, she stops her for questioning. The woman claims that although she has been arrested in the past for prostitution-related crimes, she was only on the way to cash her welfare check. A routine search of the woman's possessions turns up crack cocaine, and after being detained, the woman reveals that she has a crack pipe in the crotch of her underpants."
"Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department joins a high-speed chase that ends abruptly when the driver crashes into a fence. As the chase concludes, a naked male driver jumps the fence and takes off on foot while officers question a tearful female passenger with torn clothes. The driver is quickly apprehended and brought back to the scene in a police car, where the investigation proceeds. Also featured from the Palm Springs Police Department is Officer William Hutchinson, checking out a vehicle parked outside an apartment complex. As Hutchinson approaches the car, he observes two men seated inside. When the driver opens his door, a cloud of marijuana smoke begins to billow out, prompting the officer to remove the men from the car."
"After Sgt. Jason Snyder and Detective Phil Mecurio of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police notice a bulge in the pants of two males, a foot chase ensues and eventually Sgt. Snyder discovers the bulge is a gun, which the suspect claims is for protection. Another segment features Deputy Jason Howard of the Martin County, FL, Sheriff's Office, responding to a call where a man reported that a woman was causing a disturbance at his private residence and refused to leave. Although the complainant manages to utter that she tore down part of his fence, she is inebriated and incoherent and denies any wrongdoing."
"When Corporal Jim Muzatko of the Spokane, WA, Police Department engages in a high-speed pursuit of a stolen truck, the desperate driver turns onto a deserted dirt road and the officer executes the \"pit maneuver\" to stop the pursuit. Also featured is Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department, patrolling an area known for a high volume of prostitution and drug activity. He notices a parked car where three males, two of them dressed in full drag, are questioned."
"When Officer William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs, CA, Police Department responds to a call regarding a man who allegedly attempted to steal a truck in the parking lot of a strip mall, the hostile suspect tells police that he had been drinking and believed he was in his own vehicle. Another segment features Officer Mike Reddy and Officer Jerry Kabala of the Pittsburgh, PA, Bureau of Police, pulling over a vehicle after it is seen leaving a lot frequented by heroin users. The female driver and male passenger tell the officers they were just looking for the driver's mother. An investigation reveals a different story."
Season 19 - Cops
"COPS from Palm Springs, CA.; Chattanooga, TN; and Palm Beach County, FL.\n\nThis episode features a deputy who pulls over a vehicle after which the driver runs and is tazered; a female bicyclist runs a stop sign and is stopped and after a search, drugs are found; and a man is arrested on a warrant for suspicion of sexual battery."
"COPS from Palm Beach County, Florida; Riverside County, CA; and Martin County, Florida.\n\nStories include a vehicle stop that connects up to a major traffic accident which involved a bicyclist, and police respond to a domestic violence call."
"COPS: From Palm Beach Florida and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. \n\nThis episode's stories include an intoxicated man and three deputies; and a high speed chase in Pittsburgh."
"COPS from Palm Beach County, Florida; Palm Springs, California; and Pittsburgh.\n\nThis episode's stories include an intoxicated man disrupts a fast food store; a car stop leads to an arrest for drug possession; and a car and foot pursuit ends with an arrest for an outstanding warrant."
"COPS: From Riverside California and Palm Beach Florida\n\nThis week's episodes include a suspect flees on foot; a father who demands his daughter's arrest; and three parolees are arrested after fleeing from police."
"COPS from Palm Springs, CA; Okaloosa County, Florida; and Atlanta, GA.\n\nThis episode's stories include an officer who pursues a bicyclist who ignores orders to stop; an officer attempts to thwart a drug deal; and a man is arrested for drug possesion."
"COPS from Florida.\n\nThis episode's stories include a Brevard County, Fl., sheriff's deputy chases suspects on foot after a car chase; a West Palm Beach, Fl. officer stops a vehicle that appears to have been stolen; and a Palm Beach County, Fl deputy investigates a parked vehicle with window damage that ends up stolen, with the thief still in the car."
"A Police Chase special from COPS. This episode's stories include a Brevard County, Fl., sheriff deputy chases a suspect on foot; a Spokane PD officer is flagged down after a robbery; and a Palm Springs PD officer engages in a high-speed pursuit through business and residential areas following a stolen vehicle."
"COPS from Brevard and Hillsborough Counties, Florida; and Las Vegas, NV.\n\nThis episode's stories feature women acting badly and include a car stop which leads to a young woman getting arrested for drug possession; a car stop leads to an arrest for a warrant; and a woman is pulled over for illegal lighting on her car and it's discovered that they are hookers."
"COPS from Brevard County and Palm Beach County, Florida; and Palm Springs, California.\n\nThis episode's stories feature a suspect fleeing the police who runs into a small lake causing a group of police officers to retrieve him; a car stop results in two arrests due to drugs; and police attempt to question a restaurant patron who is acting strange."
"COPS: rom Wichita, Kansas; Brevard County, Florida; and West Palm Beach, Florida.\n\nThis episode's stories include a bondsman who needs police assistance when trying to revoke a man's bond; a mother scolds her son after he tries to eat a bag of pot following a car stop; and a woman driving erratically is stopped and arrested after officers find out she has an outstanding warrant."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Nevada and Chattanooga, TN.\n\nThis episode's stories feature an officer needs assistance call; a transexual is arrested for drug use; and a person is suspected of committing prostitution."
"COPS from Fontana, CA; Hamilton County, OH; and Brevard County, FL.\n\nThis episode's stories feature a high speed chase of a motorcyclist; a routine car stop exposes a stash of drugs in an unusual place; and a domestic argument between a common law couple."
"COPS from the states of Kansas, Ohio and Florida.\n\nEpisode stories include an assault call which turns into a car pursuit and then a foot chase; a known drug dealer is stopped and then found with drugs stashed up his rear end and lots of money hidden in his car; and a youth shouts obscenities at police officers who stopped a car outside a bar."
"COPS from Riverside County, CA; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Wichita, Kansas.\n\nThis episode's stories feature a gun that is spotted during a routine vehicle stop which results in a call for help; a domestic dispute in a trailer park; and police get a call about fresh graffiti and spot a man with paint on his hands nearby."
"COPS in Fontana, CA; Wichita, KS; and Covington, Kentucky.\n\nStories include a high speed pursuit ending in a K-9 capture; a he-said, she-said domestic dispute call; and an ex-girlfriend sprays her former lover with mace."
"COPS from Brevard County, FL and Palm Beach County, FL.\n\nThis episode's stories include: A man tries to swallow a rock of crack cocaine after a car stop; a suspicious vehicle yields a large amount of crack with a driver who has a long list of drug related crimes; and a woman tries to lie her way out of a ticket by giving false information."
"COPS featuring Tough Takedowns, from Las Vegas, Boise, and Chatanooga. This edition's episode include a little person who is begging for money in traffic; a domestic situation between a woman and a man arrested earlier in the evening; and a traffic stop which reveals a man who has placed a crack rock in his mouth, then swallows it, putting his life in serious jeopardy."
"COPS from Cincinnati, Brevard County and Palm Springs.\n\nThis episode's stories concentrate on people not telling the truth and include a man who takes officers through a foot pursuit and has to be tazered; a woman who has never been arrested gets pulled over because her music is too loud, only to reveal a large amount of pot; and a disturbance calls leads to an arrest after a large amount of drugs are found."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Boise, and Palm Springs.\n\nThis week's stories include a man with warrants tries to run away from the police, only to be stopped by a tree; a hit and run turns out to be a misunderstanding; and two child predators are arrested in a sting operation."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Fontana and Boise.\n\nStories in this episode include a little person entertainer on the Las Vegas strips gets detained for soliciting for money; a Lo-Jack signal leads to two stolen vehicles and other parts; and a five year old boy gets away from his mother and police find him and return him to his parents."
"COPS in Boston, Las Vegas and Boise.\n\nThis episode's stories include shots in the hood resulting in a foot chase and arrest; a domestic call reveals a woman with $9000.00 worth of outstanding warrants; and a truck full of women leads to a hysterical confrontation."
"COPS, this week from Las Vegas and Boise.\n\nThis episode's stories include a car burglary in progress; a battery call; and a domestic disturbance."
"COPS from Boston, Lowell and Palm Springs.\n\nThis episode's stories include an arrest for cocaine possession in a known gang area; bottles are thrown from a van leading to an arrest; and a man is arrested for attempting to contact a 13 year old girl to have sex."
"Police pullovers from Fontana, Brevard and Palm Springs.\n\nThis episode's stories include a high speed chase of a vehicle that runs a red light; a parked vehicle takes off resulting in a pursuit; and a battery suspect is pulled over and tries to swallow a bag of pot."
"Police pull overs from Cincinnati, Fontana and Las Vegas.\n\nThis episode's stories include a suspicious vehicle yields a gun; the occupants of a parked car are arrested; and a girl in a bikini is pulled over, driving with a suspended license."
"COPS and high crimes from Cincinnati, Brevard County and Palm Springs.\n\nThis episode's stories include a car stop which results in arrests for outstanding warrants and resisting arrest; a suspicious vehicle investigation results in arrests for possession and obstruction; and a tip results in a possession charge at a motel."
"COPS from Ohio. This episode's stories include a drunk driver bails into a foot pursuit; a domestic dispute results in arrests for possession; and a special drug unit observes a drug transaction in progress."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Boise and Brevard County, Florida.\n\nThis week's stories include two men in a stolen vehicle in a foot pursuit, an ex-husband is arrested for stalking, and a man is arrested for possession."
"COPS, from Brevard County, Florida, Las Vegas and Boston.\n\nThis week's stories include a burglar gets arrested at a mall, a domestic results in an arrest, and a stopped van has drugs and a fire arm."
"A little person is detained in Las Vegas for soliciting on the Strip; Fontana Police Officers locate several stolen vehicles after getting a lo-jack hit; Boise Officers reunite a wandering little boy with his frantic parents."
"Hillsborough County Deputies chase a driver into a ditch; Las Vegas Police Officers sort out a fight between two new parents; an intoxicated woman gets confrontational with Las Vegas Metro Officers as they arrest her boyfriend."
"A Las Vegas officer pursues a suspected drunken driver at high speeds; a Covington, Ky., officer makes a traffic stop and questions the driver about a suspicious smell coming from the vehicle."
"COPS, from Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Hillsborough County, Florida. This episode's stories include an officer who chases a suspect on foot after a traffic stop; and an officer who deals with a rowdy group of people."
"A Wichita officer apprehends three suspects after a chase; a Lowell, Mass., officer arrests a motorcyclist."
"COPS, from Pittsburg, Tampa and Las Vegas.\n\nThis episode's stories include a violent domestic dispute; a stolen car that was recovered; and a narcotics detail turns into a car chase."
Season 20 - Cops
"COPS starts it 20th season with stories from Kansas City Missouri, Lee County, Florida and Rialto, California. Stories include a stolen vehicle pursuit involving shots fired; a domestic violence call involving drugs; and a man with windshield glass sticking out of his head, denying he was in a nearby car accident."
"Part two of the COPS 20th season premiere continues with stories from Pittsburg; Brevard Country, Florida; and Rialto, California. Stories include K-9 and other officers in the assist of the arrest of a known narcotics user seen with a gun; a woman with a suspended license is stopped and arrested for DUI; and the robbery of a restaurant leads to a trailer park and the arrest of suspects."
"COPS from Rialto, California; Brevard and Lee counties in Florida. Stories include a naive young man who buys drugs; a woman is arrested for domestic violence though it was she who called the police; and a minor is arrested for gun possession."
"COPS from Brevard County, Florida; Lee County, Florida; and Rialto, California. This episodes stories include a Brevard Deputy whom gets in a foot chase after a car stop; a Lee County Sheriff's deputy stops a juvenile driving a golf cart down the road; and a Rialto PD officer assists convenience-store employees who have been assaulted after several men try to steal beer."
"This one-hour special will feature classic COPS car chases, super-inebriated suspects, sizzling Tasers, disheartening domestics, problematic perps and gutsy officers from coast to coast. Highlights include: Officers in Fresno, CA, question a stony suspect claiming he\u2019s not driving under the influence despite the joint visibly tucked behind his ear. In Albuquerque, NM, a male cross-dresser wearing a leopard one-piece is questioned. In Buffalo, NY, officers wrestle with a massive and hungry python hiding inside a residence. A suspect in Kansas City, MO, is so intoxicated when gets out from behind the wheel, he stumbles and lands a painful face plant. In a heroic rescue in Passaic County, NJ, officers save a man from danger in a raging river."
"A Brevard County, Fla., officer pursues a drug suspect who attempts to flee on foot during a traffic stop; a Riverside County, Cal., deputy responds to a domestic-disturbance call. searching for a suspect hiding in a yard; and Las Vegas Metro Officers sort out a domestic violence incident."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Lee County and Rialto. This week's stories include Las Vegas officers who wrestle a fleeing suspect on the Las Vegas Strip; a Lee County Deputy visits a house known for it's drug activity; and Rialto Police Officers are called to a burglary in progress at an apartment complex."
"COPS from California and Florida.\n\nThis weeks episode includes Rialto Police chasing a suspect that eventually crashes into oncoming traffic; Hillsborough County Deputies capture a suspect that fled into the woods; and Fresno Police respond to a home invasion in progress."
"COPS Coast To Coast, featuring their 700th episode.\n\nThis week's stories include Rialto Police chasing a stolen vehicle; Brevard County Sheriff's Deputies find a shotgun during a traffic stop; and a Sergeant in Lee County watches two suspects toss dope out of a car window during a traffic stop."
"COPS from Indio PD, Rialto PD and Las Vegas Metro. This week's episode includes the pursuit of a stolen vehicle which becomes a foot pursuit; a vehicle with no plates is pulled over only to reveal lots of drugs in the backseat; and a car stop for questionable driving is the scene for another accident that happens at the same place."
"COPS from Rialto, Brevard County and Pittsburg. This week's stories include a stolen car takes off from a Detective, only to suddenly stop causing the officer to hit him; a routine patrol in a high drug area yields a man with a crack pipe; and a man is tazed, revealing bags of heroin in his pockets."
"COPS Coast To Coast from Sacramento, Las Vegas and Brevard County. This episode's stories include a search warrant served becomes a K-9 search; a car stop turns up a couple wanted on multiple warrants; and an erratic driver is pulled over and becomes combatant with officers."
"COPS Coast To Coast from Portland, Las Vegas and Leon County, Florida. This week's episode includes a man in a stolen car hiding from officers; another man flees police and hides in the bushes; and brothers in Florida duke it out."
"COPS Coast To Coast from Kansas City, Mo; Rialto, Ca; and Las Vegas, Nv. This week's stories include officers who confront a group of shirtless men hanging around in a known drug area; police engage in a foot pursuit of a man who tossed a bag of drugs when confronted; and patrolmen in Las Vegas head to the Mirage Resort, where they find a man who has stolen change from the fountain...twice in the same night."
"Coast to Coast in California and Kansas.This weeks stories include a suspect who rams a police car during a chase in Rialto and is tased; officers in Kansas City respond to a violent argument between roommates; and a desperate man in Sacramento attempts to elude officers"
"This week's stories include a car chase involving a police chief and a parole; a suspicious vehicle is spotted in a park after dark and the occupants can't identify themselves; and a man is questioned and a search reveals his wallet, and someone else's."
"This weeks stories include the pursuit of a stolen truck leads to a police vehicle catching fire; copper thieves are apprehended after being spotted on security cameras; and a burglary suspect is spike stripped and the car comes to a crashing stop."
"This week's stories include: a drug dealer who just got out of jail is arrested for drug sales; an officer is assisted by neighbors in detaining a prowler who has an outstanding warrant; and a Deputy spots a stolen vehicle and with a K-9 unit, locates the suspect who bailed into the woods."
"This week's stories include a woman with a felony warrant resists arrest; a prostitute steals a john's truck; and a transvestite with an outstanding warrant is arrested while in possession of a stolen car."
"Uncooperative drug suspects are apprehended by officers in Las Vegas, NV., Kansas City, MO. and Rialto, CA."
"Officers give chase to a homicide suspect in Kansas City, Mo. The police in Rialto, CA., take charge in a domestic violence case. Plus, an intoxicated driver in Sacramento, CA., is pursued by a K-9 unit"
"From Rialto, CA, An intoxicated suspect is chased by officers on foot. In Las Vegas, a car thief is chased by police through a casino parking lot. And, officers are summoned to a domestic dispute in Wichita, KS."
"The officers of Leon County, FL., make a DUI bust; the street crime unit of Portland, OR., stop a drug deal in a city park, and a fight is broken up by the officers of Cincinnati."
"An elderly parolee engages the officers in a high speed chase in Kansas City, two transsexuals cause Las Vegas cops to break up a fight, and a stolen car is involved in an accident in Rialto, Cal."
"A response to a shooting at a hotel ends with a high speed car chase in Las Vegas. The Spokane police department are called in for an assault with a baseball bat. An informant flags a vehicle as a carrier for drugs, which is spotted and stopped by the Portland Police Bureau."
"The Las Vegas Metro Police assist in a high speed pursuit for a stolen vehicle by dropping down spike strips to deflate the suspects tires. The Leon County Sheriff\u2019s Office investigate a parked vehicle with a man and women inside, in an area which has been burglarized recently. Then, the Lansing Police Department make a return trip to a home with known domestic disputes have occurred, finding that a man has beaten two children belonging to his girlfriend's sister."
"In Portland, OR. a K-9 unit is called in to sniff out possible drug possession inside a vehicle. Officers in Kansas City, MO. respond to a \"shots fired\" call. In Las Vegas, police officers are called for a domestic dispute which involves the possession and retrieval of a bed."
"A man suspected of armed robbery is arrested by the officers in Las Vegas. Then, a man is questioned by the Brevard County, FL. officers after being caught stealing a security camera. Lastly, officers of the Kansas City police force converge on a home known for meth trafficking."
"A routine vehicle stop by the Portland Police Bureau finds a bag of Ecstasy pills on the front seat. The stories from the driver and passenger differ on how they obtained the pills. Then, a call to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has them investigating a stabbing at an apartment complex, and that the assailant may be hiding in the laundry room. Lastly, a foot pursuit occurs with the K9 unit of the Sacramento Police Department after a car is reported missing."
"The officers of the Portland Police Bureau apprehend a female who appears to be selling crack as she tries swallowing the evidence. Next, the Martin County Sheriff\u2019s Office makes a routine traffic stop which uncovers possible stolen items inside the vehicle, which the female driver quickly blames the male passenger for the theft. Lastly, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigates a shooting at a tattoo parlor in which a 24 year old male claims a Latino gang attempted to shoot him in the head."
"Officers in Portland, WA. are called out for a hit-and-run accident, in which a K-9 crew searches down the suspect. A car crash occurs in Las Vegas while a policeman is questioning a bicyclist, who flees the scene after the accident. The driver of a suspicious vehicle is questioned by deputies in Leon County, FL. which uncovers an unexpected discovery."
"An officer of the Palm Beach County Sheriff\u2019s Office and a K-9 unit search for an armed robbery suspect who had taken cover in the woods. Then, an officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is called to a women's residence where she has received calls from her ex-boyfriend saying he is waiting inside for her with a shotgun. Lastly, a detective of the Rialto Police Department responds to a call of a man selling drugs from a truck"
"An officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is dispatched to a call for a stolen truck. As he catches up with the missing vehicle he discovers that the victim of the crime and his brother are also in pursuit and have crashed into the thief. The Palm Beach County Sheriff\u2019s Office are suspicious of a vehicle with tinted windows in a parking lot. An investigation reveals a smell of marijuana, but a further search uncovers more drugs. Once again, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is summoned for a stolen vehicle, which results in a foot chase. The suspect claims the whole thing was just a joke on the car owner."
"A Martin County Sheriff's Deputy apprehend a pair of suspects who are seen running from a flea market which has been burglarized many times before. Then, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer makes a routine traffic stop where the driver ends up being a ex-felon who is in possession of drugs and a gun. Lastly, a Palm Beach County Sheriff Officer discovers drugs and paraphernalia inside a car during a traffic stop, in which the driver had lied about ever having been arrested before."
"A Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy makes a routine traffic stop only to find an antsy driver. Once asked to remove his shoes, the suspect takes off on foot while tossing bags of crack along the way. A Portland Police Officer stops a vehicle which has no license plate. The overly friendly driver explains that he doesn't own the car and and has no idea of what the owners name is. A quick check reveals the car is on the hot sheet for stolen vehicles. Lastly, a Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy stops a vehicle when he spots someone rolling a marijuana cigarette. An investigation finds needles and a bottle of Oxycotin, both which the driver denies any knowledge of."
"The K-9 unit of the Pomona Police Department are called in to investigate a break in at a taco stand which has a broken window and a damaged cash register. Almost immediately a suspect is located and claims he was just looking for beer. Next, a vehicle is stopped by a Martin County Sheriff\u2019s Officer after noticing a broken tail light and discovers the driver has no license and has prescription drugs hidden in the glove box. His female passenger is pregnant and complaining of a pain in her leg. The officer allows her to head to the hospital in a friends car. Further investigation unveils that the drug bottle has a worn off label, leading to an admission from the driver that he crushes the pills and snorts them. Lastly, the Palm Beach County Sheriff\u2019s Office Vice Unit head to a possible drug house. The landlord is upset that the tenants that she had helped would be selling drugs from her building. An investigation uncovers that they are awaiting a delivery of new drugs from their contact."
"A traffic stop by a Palm Beach County Sheriffs Deputy turns into a foot race when the driver dashes off for a few blocks, tossing crack along the way. Then, a suspicious vehicle roaming a bad area four times raises the attention of a Rialto Police Officer. A search of the man's vehicle reveals that not only has he been drinking, but has packs of marijuana which seem to be ready for sale. Next, a Riverside County Sheriff Deputy responds to a call of a suicidal man. Upon arrival a man is seen sitting in his truck holding a knife. Once cuffed, the suspect claims he was only looking for attention"
Season 21 - Cops
"The beginning of season 21 finds the series back where it began, with the Broward Sheriff\u2019s Office. First up, the officers chase down a hit and run driver. A long run ends with a ramming, followed by an investigation of the vehicle which uncovers a machete. Next, a known drug area finds a man on a bicycle who tries to flee. A search reveals cocaine on a man who is on probation. Lastly, officers are responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle near a business. The driver begins to flee as officers arrive. An investigation uncovers a bleary-eyed man behind the wheel who claims to be sleeping, yet a bag of white powder gives the officers another idea."
"Palm Beach County Sheriff's witness a speeding car in a drug infested area. Having stopped them in a pursuit, the driver angrily exits his vehicle to ask why he was stopped. He jumps back in his car and speeds off beginning a new chase in which a passenger bails out. The female is the drivers boyfriend which is only discovered after a long inquiry. She reveals he has a vial of crack inside the car. Next, a Spokane Police officer is called to a possible domestic call on the street. Looking up and down the road the officers discover a man standing under a tree in which a female is up in the tree. They find out that the woman often climbs the tree when upset with family problems. Then, a Rialto Police officer spots a drug transaction taking place. The men claim they are construction workers headed to purchase supplies, but a bag of crack on the floor has the officer in doubt."
"The Palm Beach County Sheriff Officers vice unit have set up a sting operation, using a pair of undercover officers in a pickup truck as buyers. The first seller takes the officers straight to a drug house to sell their crack. The suspect is quickly arrested after lighting up his crack on the way home. The second deal happens when a young man offers to sell the officers crack and asks them to join him for a smoke behind a gas station. Then, an officer in Las Vegas is summoned when a restaurant claims a man refused to pay his $400 bill. He is trapped by the manager and a waiter. The suspect first claims his friend paid the tab and then changes his story and says he paid the bill himself. The man is arrested when it's discovered he has warrants and now can add the unpaid bill to the charges. Lastly, an officer in Palm Beach has stopped a car for a tint violation. Lowering his window, a cloud of marijuana smoke billows out from the car and a small amount of crack and cocaine is also discovered."
"A pair of Broward County Sheriff's pat down a couple of guys who are hanging out in front of a store. One man becomes agitated and pulls away as drug paraphernalia is discovered on him and are forced to subdue him with a taser. Then, as a North Las Vegas Police officer arrives for a call concerning a fight between two men, the suspects flee in opposite directions. One officer misses with a taser shot, but the suspect gives up anyways. The other officer has also subdued him man. Lastly, a Rancho Cucamonga Police deputy chases a car which looses control. The passenger explains that the driver is his boyfriend and they were arguing inside the car about infidelities, which was the cause of the erratic driving."
"A North Las Vegas Police officer is sent to a home in which they have visited before for domestic disturbance. The crowd outside the home inform the officer that a man is beating up his wife. The man is tackled and taken into custody, admitting the fight was caused by rent issues. Then, a Broward County Sheriff's detective takes part in stopping a vehicle believed to have been involved in a drug deal. The woman inside the car has a gun and half a pound of marijuana in her purse. Lastly, a Pomona Police officer rolls up to a home where several windows have been smashed. The victim states that the female passenger from his vehicle smashed the windows in his truck with a pipe. She claims to have had racial slurs thrown at her."
"An informant has the Broward Sheriff\u2019s deputies tracking down a male suspect believed to be selling drugs. Rancho Cucamonga Police officers are sent to a bank robbery and the suspects have unknowingly left behind enough clues to locate them. A call regarding domestic abuse sends the San Diego County Sheriff's officers to a familiar home."
"A group of suspect run off when a pair of Broward County Sheriff Deputies spot a bunch of people gambling. Next, a San Diego County Sheriff Deputy stops a vehicle which was involved in a burglary in the previous week. Then, a pair of Rancho Cucamonga Police Deputies assist on a traffic stop. A routine stop becomes a full arrest when the information for the vehicle doesn't match that given by the driver."
"A Rancho Cucamonga Police Officer responds to a call in which a man is shooting his gun off in his yard. Next, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is sent to a domestic call for a lover's quarrel. Lastly, a San Diego County Sheriff\u2019s Deputy responds to a 'code cover' call to help detain an armed subject."
"A North Las Vegas Police Officer is called to assist when another officer captures a suspect wanted for a hit and run which occurred earlier in the day. Next, a Rancho Cucamonga Police Officer responds to a domestic call in which the intoxicated husband has fled the residence on foot. Lastly, the North Las Vegas Police Department is needed when a domestic call is received."
"A routine vehicle stop by a Broward County Sheriff Officer ends up a bit more complicated after the driver dumps some evidence. Next, a North Las Vegas Police Officer responds to a domestic call which turns out to involve a love triangle. Lastly, a San Diego County Sheriff Officer stops a vehicle which had expired tags and receives a bunch of lies as excuses."
"A Rancho Cucamonga Police Officer responds to a shoplifting call at the mall, and wind up finding a suspicious substance on the suspect. Then, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is called to an apartment where shots are being fired and discover overwhelming but questionable evidence at the scene. Lastly, a Broward County Sheriff pulls over a car which is showing erratic driving by the operator."
"A pair of Broward County Sheriff Officer's are summoned to a residence to take down an ecstasy dealer. Then, a Pomona Police Officer is dispatched to an incomplete 911 call which ends up involving a domestic violence situation. Later, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is called in to a disturbance at a bus stop which involves a married couple."
"An officer in Minneapolis sets up the groundwork for a prostitution sting, and in the process pick up a number of working women. Then, a County Sheriff's Officer spots two men and women milling around at a truck stop. Lastly, a Snohomish County Sheriff's Officer is called in to a disturbance at a pub."
"Cops from the Fondren Division Tactical Unit at Houston's PD chase a guy suspected of murder. Then some cops from North Las Vegas PD bust a guy for domestic battery and finally some Californian cops from San Bernardino bust a guy for X possession."
"A Harris County Sheriff's deputy chases down a flatbed truck which is overloaded with golf carts. Then, a North Las Vegas Police officer spots a mini van driving around a parking lot with it's lights shut down. Lastly, a Rialto Police officer pulls up after seeing a collision between an SUV and a semi truck."
"A Rialto Police Officer chases down a man who is using his wife's car as a battering ram in knocking a car off the road. Then, a Harris County Sheriff's Officer is dispatched to check a car which is believed to be containing a rifle aboard. Lastly, the Rancho Cucamonga Police Deputies check out a man and his parked car in a neighborhood which is not his."
"Deputies in Harris County, Texas, respond to a domestic-violence call that escalates into a high-speed pursuit; detectives in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., deal with a physical altercation between neighbors; and Las Vegas police detain shoplifters."
"A suspicious-person call in Harris County, Texas, turns into a case of narcotics possession; a motorcyclist is taken in on a DUI charge in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal.; sheriffs in San Diego County, Cal., investigate a grocery-store theft."
"Broward County, Fla., sheriffs go undercover for a drug sting; Harris County, Texas, deputies break up a physical altercation between a father and son; and Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., police stop a drunken man from riding a bicycle."
"Officers in Sacramento apprehend a suspect driving a stolen vehicle---but he claims he didn't know it was stolen. Also: Minneapolis police respond to a suspicious-person call and find someone lurking in an alley; and deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., arrest a woman who admits to smoking pot but lies about her true identity."
"Cleveland, OH Division of Police - Officer Kevin Coleman and Officer Bruce Garner roll to assist in the pursuit of a vehicle reported stolen. Hillsborough County, FL Sheriff's Office - Deputy Brad Hickory spots two men parked in a truck around midnight. Sacramento, CA Police Department - Officer Michael Harbison stops a suspicious pedestrian and questions the man."
"Officers in Sacramento pursue a carjacker, which progresses from a car chase to a foot pursuit. A Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy is called in for a theft in progress. Lastly, Houston Police officers go on a drug sweep."
"An officer in Sacramento, CA. stops a driver who hands his passenger his illegal substances. Next, a King County, WA police helicopter is in search for a suspect who has threatened to kill his girlfriend. Lastly, a Florida officer questions a suspect who was caught siphoning gas from a car and was also snorting cocaine."
"Texas deputies assist in a felony arrest warrant. Next, Pomona, CA. officers answer a call for a domestic-disturbance when a daughter tells her mother about her Las Vegas wedding. Lastly, police officers in Minnesota break up a fight between two women."
"A King County Sheriff's deputy responds to a call for a disturbance at a local eatery. Then, a pair of Minneapolis Police Officers are called for a man assaults a woman and must use a Taser to bring him down. Next, a North Las Vegas Police Officer is called in when a man beats up a woman as she tried to retrieve her mother's possessions."
"Officer's from the Minneapolis Police Department go on a high speed chase which ends badly. Next, a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy is dispatched for a family disturbance where a man, possibly holding scissors, is tearing up a trailer. Then, the King County Sheriff's Officers make a traffic stop."
"A pair of police dogs give the officers a hand in chasing down a suspect in Sacramento who has fled on foot. Then, a King County Sheriff's deputy stops a vehicle which is found to have the wrong license plates and is in possession of illicit materials. Lastly, a pair of Minneapolis Police officers respond to a call of a man firing off a gun in an alley."
"A Las Vegas police officer pulls over a man for a traffic violation and admits to possessing a blunt. Then, officers in Cleveland chase down an assault suspect who may have changed his clothes. Next, a detective in King County, WA, pulls over an emotional suspect who is driving around in an area known for drug sales."
"A Sacramento officer spots a vehicle which he believes was connected to an armed robbery. Next, Seattle policemen use a Taser on a known offender who was running towards a crowd with a bottle in his hand. Lastly, the Cleveland officers chase a vehicle containing a suspect who is trying to hide his crack."
"In Las Vegas, officers respond to a call about a violent domestic disturbance where a female is screaming and waving around a gun. When a hostage mediator and officers arrive on the scene, a beanbag gun is used to diffuse the situation. In Cleveland, OH, officers respond to a domestic dispute, and an officer in Sacramento, CA, pulls over a suspected stolen vehicle."
"Officers in Broward County, FL, chase a suspect into a canal, where he is arrested for grand theft auto and obstruction. In Las Vegas, officers respond to a disturbance call where roommates are being verbally abusive and to an unknown trouble call where three women are alleging assault."
"When a deputy in Pierce County, WA, conducts a routine traffic stop for suspended license, something illegal accidentally falls out of the suspect's pants during the investigation. In San Bernadino, CA, deputies investigate a domestic dispute triggered by one of the combatants spitting in another's face"
"The Rialto Police officers chase down a motorcyclist after observing him weaving in and out of traffic, and having a missing license plate. Next, a Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy stops a vehicle for a broken light on the license plate, only to discover drugs and broken glass inside the car. Lastly, the Sacramento Police officer's investigate a possible domestic violence case which seems to have started a day earlier."
"A pair of Broward County Sheriff's Officers set up a sting to apprehend a drug dealer, but turns into a foot race when the suspect flees. Then, a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputy pulls over a vehicle for committing a traffic violation. Lastly, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer check out a claim that a woman was abused and kidnapped by her boyfriend."
"Deputies from the Broward County Sheriff's Office receive a news from the set up by the undercover narcotics unit that a drug deal going down. Next, a Rancho Cucamonga Police officer makes a routine traffic stop which leads to an arrest. Lastly, a Rialto Police officer responds to a domestic abuse call, and are led on a foot pursuit."
"A simple broken taillight turns into a possession of drugs charge after a driver is stopped in San Diego. Then, a bloody brawl is broken up in Las Vegas by the police officers."
Season 22 - Cops
"The COPS Season 22 opener includes a Las Vegas Metro police officer and the Las Vegas fire department trying to deal with a suspect who resists arrest, and a suspicious driver refuses to pull over."
"Continuing the hour long opener of season 22 for COPS, officers in California pursue a subject wanted for domestic violence; and Las Vegas metro police respond to a call that has been reported to them as a domestic violence incident."
"The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department\/Apple Valley Station are summoned to a possible break-in of a home of a recently deceased owner. Next, an officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department head to a report of a shooting. Lastly, the deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department are called in for a fight between two brothers."
"A Las Vegas officer is called in to a fast food restaurant for a disturbance call. Next, a Palm Beach Deputy checks the welfare of person inside a parked vehicle. Lastly, a San Bernardino County Deputy responds to a domestic call in which the fight is in the street."
"COPS Coast To Coast this week features stories from Nevada, Florida and California.\n\nLas Vegas Metro Police officer Scott Nastase spots a man jaywalking which turns into a foot pursuit.\n\nMartin County Florida Sheriff's Deputy Sgt. Bill Dowdy gets behind a vehicle with a tag that has expired, driven by a driver with an expired license, who has a stash.\n\nFrom Rialto, CA, a woman identifies a purse snatcher and gets her hand bag back."
"A Bravard County Sheriff's Deputy assists a Corporal in serving a warrant for failure to pay back child support. Then, the Minneapolis Police Dept. sends an officer and an FTO agent to a 'luring,' which means a person has made contact with and followed a minor with possible criminal intent. Lastly, a Victorville deputy believes a speeding driver is attempting to flee from the police."
"COPS from Las Vegas, Nevada and Palm Beach County, Florida. Stories include: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrives at a house with a man who thinks the cops are out to kill him. The narcotics department from the Palm Beach County Sherrif's Department goes undercover to catch a woman selling drugs."
"COPS from Portland, Oregon and Amarillo, Texas. Stories include: Officers Josh Howery and Erica Hurley with Oregon's Portland Police Bureau respond to a call that a 14-year-old girl and an adult male were observed by a security guard having sex in a car, only to find that the girl is actually an 18-year-old prostitute. Amarillo Texas Police Officer Johnny Bermea stops a vehicle in which he finds a female prostitute and a male driver in possession of drugs. Officer Brandon Clarkson interviews a suspicious female hanging around a parking lot known for picking up prostitutes."
"COPS from California, Florida, and Nevada. This week's stories include: San Bernadino County, California, Sheriff's Deputy Jason Whitsell responds to a domestic disturbance call between an out of control woman and her mother. Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff's Deputy Juan Vargas discovers a woman who says she has a late night meeting with her physician, only he finds out she planned a burglary of a random house. Las Vegas Metro Police Field Training Officer Tullio Pandullo takes a burglary call involving a woman thief."
"COPS from Oklahoma, California, and Florida. This weeks stories include: Tulsa County Deputy Ryan Ayers investigates a vehicle that is stopped in the middle of a highway. San Bernardino County Deputy Eddie Bachman spots two suspects that were wanted for another crime. Boynton Beach Officer Justin Harris stops a car making a u-turn in front of a known drug house."
"Florida officers head up an undercover drug sting; Texas officers try to save a dog from a flipped car."
"Officers detain a driver who tries to flee from a known drug area; the Las Vegas Police Department investigates suspicious behavior outside an abandoned apartment building."
Season 23 - Cops
"On the 23rd season premiere, COPS celebrates a monumental 800th episode milestone with all the action indicative to the long-running series, including a chase, drug busts and more. An officer from the Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida chases a man fleeing his car by foot only to find what the suspect failed to hide. Another officer from Boynton Beach receives a call about a boa constrictor spotted in a residential area. Meanwhile, officers from the Harris County Sherriff's Office in Texas stop a victim for a routine traffic violation that ends in a drug bust and a charge of grand theft auto"
"Officers from the Rio Grande City Customs and Border Protection in Texas engage in a sting operation to catch undocumented aliens crossing the border and wind up busting some for more than anticipated. Later, members of the border patrol in Nogales, AZ, arrest illegal immigrants trying to pass through the city by way of cargo trains."
"Officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police break up a fist-fight over a financial discrepancy that leads to a juvenile heading to a detention center. Meanwhile, the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon arrests suspects in a stolen vehicle, and sheriffs in Florida make a drug bust in a strip-mall parking lot."
"Officers from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas respond to a domestic-violence call and end up being faced with a challenging detainment. Later, officers with the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon attempt to track down a suspect in a hit-and-run and find a bystander taking the blame. Finally, the Brevard County Sheriff's Department in Florida responds to a battery case involving a roommate, a hammer, a sandwich and a big misunderstanding."
"Officers from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas respond to \"shots fired\" call and team up to detain a suspect barricaded inside his house with a gun."
"A member of the United States Marshals Service, Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, briefs the local police on a kidnapping case involving a 4-year-old boy and two Hispanic men in suspect who demanded $100,000 ransom for the child. Another investigator from the same Task Force recruits the local police to arrest a fugitive suspicious of possession of drugs"
"During a routine traffic stop, officers from the Nye County Sheriff's Office in Pahrump, NV, pull over a vehicle for a missing headlight and end up busting the suspect for possession after the discovery of a marijuana plant and other illegal substances. Meanwhile, officers in Amarillo, TX, report to a major vehicle crash on a busy highway to eventually make an arrest for a DUI"
"The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Florida engages in an undercover operation to cease the illegal selling of pills at pain-management clinics. The Amarillo Police Department in Texas responds to a call regarding a major traffic accident between a motorcycle and a vehicle where the driver flees the scene."
"When an officer from the Amarillo Police Department in Texas approaches a woman on the street about her suspicious late-night behavior, the interaction turns into a chase on foot. Meanwhile, in Hillsborough County, Florida, officers on the late-night patrol team up to respond to a call regarding a hand-to-hand transaction at a local motel"
"The Pierce County Sheriff's Department in Washington responds to a call about a belligerent tow-truck operator. Members of the Amarillo Police Department in Texas respond to a call with location information about a subject with a probation violation warrant, who is subsequently arrested for narcotics possession. Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department respond to a call for backup on a not-so-routine traffic violation"
"Officers chase a driver who refuses to stop after a hit-and-run; a belligerent drunk argues with guests in a hotel lobby."
"A suspect on a bike tries to flee while being questioned by officers; a woman with a warrant out for her arrest claims she was assaulted; a man claims a neighbor chased him with a knife."
"A rock-throwing neighbor is assaulted; cops chase a suspected cell phone thief; officers respond to a road rage incident."
Season 24 - Cops
"In the 24th-season opener, undercover cops are held at gunpoint in Las Vegas. Also: Narcotics and a concealed weapon are found in a car in Tampa; and police in Lafayette, La., check out a suspicious car and make arrests for solicitation and prostitution."
"A car pulls away from a known drug house and won't stop for police in Corpus Christi; an undercover cop's work leads to the arrests of two pimps and a prostitute in Las Vegas; an officer in Tampa witnesses a driver make several traffic violations."
"The Boynton Beach, FL, Police Department conducts an undercover operation involving a woman who has allegedly hired a hit man to kill her husband. While posing as the hit man, an undercover officer has a candid conversation during which the woman details the situation. Following the conversation, the police department sets up a mock-crime scene so that when the suspect arrives home, she will think that her plan has been completed."
"Police in Savannah find a recently released convict in possession of marijuana; officers in Sacramento County, Cal., assist in the pursuit of a domestic-violence suspect; a cop in Lafayette, La., pulls over a traffic violator who admits to taking drugs."
"Police pursue a shooting suspect with two warrants in Hillsborough County, Fla.; in Corpus Christi, a patrol officer happens upon a woman with a warrant for terroristic threats, while fellow officers catch kids spray painting an electrical box."
"The Lafayette Police Department in Louisiana responds to a disturbance call from a woman who said a man was threatening her with a gun. When police arrive, the suspect threatens the officers. Again, in Lafayette, the police department investigates a case where twin sisters allege that their other sister\u2019s boyfriend choked her in a dispute over five dollars."
"Officers of the Springfield, MO, Police Department respond to a DWI disturbance call in which a victim claims he was assaulted, but may have been the one doing the assaulting. Next, an officer of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department in Georgia stops a girl for jaywalking. As the officers question her, drugs fall out of her pocket."
"A police officer in Des Moines, IA, performs a routine traffic stop on a vehicle registered to a person who doesn\u2019t have a valid driver\u2019s license. When the suspect fails to present ID, and then attempts to flee, officers tackle him and find marijuana in his possession. Then, officers of the Springfield Police Department in Springfield, MO, pull over a vehicle for running a stop sign. The driver admits to smoking marijuana, while a passenger is in possession of marijuana and mushrooms."
"Spokane police must evict a homeless man from a store's handicapped parking spot and disperse a couple engaging in lewd behavior on a stranger's lawn; officers in Des Moines, Iowa, question a man who may have used a pocket knife to threaten someone."
"A high-speed chase in Springfield, Mo., ends with police pulling people out of a burning car; a Spokane officer responds to a lewd-conduct call; a cop breaks up a violent altercation between a father and son in Corpus Christi"
"Spokane police chase a suspect by car and then on foot before making an arrest for theft and assault; a sheriff in Hillsborough County, Fla., deals with a domestic-abuse situation involving a BB gun; Corpus Christi police pull over a swerving vehicle."
"Two men are hauled in for vandalizing a fence in Des Moines, Iowa; Savannah police go undercover to catch a drug dealer; and a man asks to be arrested while lying naked on the street in Springfield, Mo."
"An SUV flips over during a high-speed chase in Springfield, Mo.; a driver tries to eat his supply of marijuana before the police find it in Chattanooga; and a man threatens his wife and infant with a gun in Hillsborough County, Fla."
"A suspect runs from a traffic stop in Las Vegas; police in Des Moines, Iowa, hear contradictory stories about a drug-related assault; a prostitution bust escalates in Spokane."
"New Orleans police pursue a car with no license plates; a dispute between neighbors in Spokane County, Wash., results in a gun being fired; Las Vegas cops question a suspect about a stolen luxury vehicle and then find drugs on the suspect."
"A Springfield, MO, police officer tasers a suspect and retrieves a stolen wallet after the subject makes a run for it at a traffic stop. Then, a man is arrested by an officer of the New Orleans, LA, Police Department for hiding thirty seven pieces of crack cocaine in his soda cup."
"In New Orleans, a paranoid man who is high on drugs gets arrested on several charges and a hit-and-run suspect is found with artificial marijuana; in Alameda County, Cal., a large amount of marijuana is found in a vehicle's trunk."
"A \u201cshots fired\u201d call leads two New Orleans policemen on a heated race;.officers take a couple into custody after finding drugs; an officer questions a male suspect involved in a domestic dispute."
Season 25 - Cops
"The 25th season kicks off with officers responding to a domestic-disturbance call in Toledo. Also: Sacramento cops work with an animal trainer to contain a feral zebra that's running loose in the city; a disturbance call in Portland, Ore., involves a suspect chasing a man along a highway overpass."
"In Portland, Ore., police catch a couple engaging in lewd activity in a car; a prostitution sting is discovered during an undercover investigation in Alameda County, Cal. Also: a confrontation with an underage prostitute in Las Vegas."
"In Alamenda County, California., police chase an uncooperative person on a bike; Newport, Virginia a suspecious car in investigated in a carpark. Also: responding to a domestic-disturbance call in Chattanooga."
"In Kansas City, Mo., a suspect in a stolen vehicle abandons the car and takes off into the woods; and a man is taken into custody after being accused of threatening a resident with a gun. Also: A driver with alcohol in his car hits a pedestrian."
"A suspect flees Atlanta police, and when they investigate further, they learn that the suspect's vehicle was stolen; in Kansas, police confront two teens carrying concealed weapons; officers from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Florida find a suspicious amount of prescription pills in a car."
"No description"
"A Las Vegas woman refuses to pay taxi fare; police in Portland, Ore., investigate a knife fight; a tourist chases after a man who allegedly stole his gold necklace in Broward County, Fla."
"No description"
"Portland, Ore., police chase a suspect who runs from a traffic stop and also pursue a naked bicycle rider; officers respond to a call concerning a man being chased by a knife-wielding suspect."
"Alameda County, Cal., police pursue a man who runs when they try to question him; Newport News, Va., officers search a car when drugs are seen inside; Chattanooga, Tenn., cops respond to a domestic disturbance call."
"An elderly man crashes his car, escapes on foot and then collapses. Elsewhere, Las Vegas cops find potentially stolen items and crystal meth in a suspect's pocket; and officers from California's Rialto Police Department respond to a domestic disturbance."
"Sacramento police officers are witnesses to an unexpected proposal after they haul in a suspect and his girlfriend; a burglary is stopped; and a domestic disturbance is broken up in Amarillo, Texas."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 26 - Cops
"A suspect flees when police are called to the scene of a fight, a meth user refuses to cooperate with authorities and a grumpy husband gets arrested for possession of pot after his wife knocks over his Harley motorcycle."
"An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy."
"Officers attempt to make sense of a store transaction turned wrestling match. An intoxicated woman calls the cops when her boyfriend tries to flush her dead husband's ashes. A shirtless man with a nasty attitude defies officers."
"A bicyclist ends up on the pavement when he tries to out pedal a patrol car. A messy divorce leads to a gun-toting showdown between a Corvette and a Mustang. An angry dog ends up getting the best of a domestic dispute."
"Man violating regulations in parking lot not following police officers' orders, situation escalating. Domestic violence call, ex US marine attacking man in his home. A traffic stop of two men in possession of Pit Bulls gets out of Control."
"Stories include an armed man not taking lightly to criticism; a man on a motorcycle takes off from police, then acts as if he is a different person; cops must deal with a hit-and-run driver."
"Stories include a meth head who thinks he is strong; a drug-carrying runner runs out of steam; and police make a suspect take off his socks."
"A chase ends in an accident; an emotional man wants a kiss from police; a cell phone causes a brawl."
"Stories include a fire hydrant that is damaged by a car being chased; a secret stash of hash is discovered; and a suspected accused of domestic violence points a finger toward his girlfriend."
"Stories include a man with a gun goes high on the roofs of houses with a K-9 dog on his heels; a dealer attempts to get rid of his dope; and a driver under the influence hits a parked vehicle."
"Stories include the pit maneuver is employed to end the chase of a stolen car; and officers must rescue a baby that has been left in a vehicle."
"A suspect races through the neighborhood after his scooter can\u2019t outrun police. Cops discover a drugged, incoherent wild man lying in the bushes. Officers try to make peace between neighbors with pit bull problems."
"A cyclist gets booked for trying to flee when officers pull him over. Two brothers struggle to explain why they took off when they saw the cops. A man takes a swing at his sister because she refuses to mow the lawn."
"When officers approach, a suspect flees into a fast food restaurant. A driver takes his granny\u2019s wheels for a dangerous spin with cops in pursuit. A pair of young lovebirds get caught with some mysterious white powder."
"A fleeing vehicle goes for a spin when officers execute a perfect PIT maneuver. Cops try to flush out a suspect who barricades himself inside a donut shop. Officers hit the meth mother lode when they stop a truck in a downpour."
"A stealthy robbery suspect leads officers on a chase through backyards; a man denies ditching a bag of meth; a domestic-violence suspect tries to claim self-defense."
"A boat unit deals with an unruly suspect and his dogs; two burglary suspects claim car trouble has placed them at the crime scene; officers discover a meth addict on the brink of relapse."
"A man flees from officers patrolling a notorious drug hot spot; suspicious items are found in a jaywalker's jacket; a woman takes the heat for her beau when meth is found in their car."
"A husky cyclist takes a spill when he tries to flee. Officers chase a suspect in a stolen car who says he was just fixing it for a friend. A man\u2019s denials of drug use lose credibility when cops find a meth pipe in his vehicle."
"A routine traffic stop turns up sizeable drug evidence; a suspicious man in a parked car; two frequent offenders in a well-known drug area."
"Bailing from a stolen vehicle; an undercover officer pulls a sting on a prostitute; an anxious woman busted for weed."
"A vehicle flips over in a pursuit; a man complains a stranger tried to lasso him; a driver has trouble staying in his lane after a bad night of poker."
Season 27 - Cops
"A cyclist gives officers a bloody fight; a scared caregiver tries to evict an unwanted helper; tinfoil lands an unlicensed driver in hot water."
"A woman uses a tow service employee's body for batting practice; a man explains his medicinal meth use; a couple tries to convince officers they didn't shoplift."
"A driverless vehicle goes into an apartment complex; a suspect isn't fast enough to evade police; officers stumble upon a 7-year-old boy who left home alone."
"A fleeing thief runs into a patrolman; an armed-robbery victim gives a colourful overview of surveillance footage; officers return tearful children to their estranged mother."
"Trying to get a naked man to cooperate; a pickup truck chase with a 14-year-old; loads of dope on routine traffic stop."
"Cops are forced to take desperate measures when an unruly suspect won\u2019t stop fighting. Officers have to contain a man looking to flee with crack. Police know a tearful driver has weed in the car when he refuses to open his glove box."
"A normal traffic stop turns into an off-road race through a residential neighborhood. Police discover a runaway suspect taking refuge in a family member\u2019s closet. A domestic dispute erupts over chips and dip."
"Officers attempt to piece together whether or not an erratic driver is in a stolen vehicle, a knife-wielding man complains that rude neighbors won\u2019t stop smoking pot and a highly emotional man has a blade to his throat."
"Bryce Dion was a 7-year veteran of COPS who was tragically killed during production. Comprised of clips from his work, this tribute episode displays his courage and commitment to showing the challenges faced by law enforcement."
"A transgender woman in a wheelchair opens a can of whoop ass on an aggressive bully. Officers find a barely dressed couple in the midst of a biting match. A reckless driver doesn\u2019t take too kindly to being pulled over."
"A fleeing suspect takes officers on a wild chase through oncoming traffic. Surveillance footage of a stabbing helps police find the vicious attacker. Cops track a subject into an uncooperative stranger\u2019s apartment."
"Officers learn that a taser can\u2019t take some suspects down. Patrol cars roll up on a couple getting undressed in a darkened pickup truck. Cops arrest one of the most polite suspects in America."
"A suspect runs through a hotel fence and then gives an employee some shocking news. Officers come upon two brothers who have just been in a knife fight. Cops arrive after an unruly man fires his BB gun at a neighbor\u2019s child."
"The new chief in town oversees a series of undercover drug buys. Officers arrest a drunken man who can\u2019t stop talking. A domestic abuse suspect admits to laying the smack down on her mooching husband."
"Officers are forced to tase a suicidal man for his own good. A familiar face makes cops chase him through a grass field. No lie is too big for a suspect who seeks refuge in a condemned house."
"Three men try to convince cops they had no idea their vehicle was stolen. Officers respond after a partygoer mistakes another guest\u2019s finger for dessert. A domestic abuse suspect makes police run through the streets."
"A group of suspects race a stolen SUV through a residential neighborhood. A drunk man has a kitchen knife and a listening problem. Two usual suspects are going back to jail for their latest escapades."
"A DUI suspect reminds an officer of one famous dude. A naked man shocks a stranger on her porch. A daughter\u2019s tantrum shakes the whole apartment when mom takes away Facebook."
"A speedy suspect makes officers chase him through a creek. A teenage Good Samaritan gets in the middle of a bizarre domestic dispute. After a woman destroys her home, she begs police to arrest her."
"A kind man gets more than he bargained for from his new roommate. Cops discover the unexpected consequences of punching a scooter. Officers stop a sober suspect who may not be from the same planet as them."
"A suspect goes out to get his haircut and winds up in jail. Officers try to piece together a puzzling street fight between a boxer and his confused friend. Cops give a suspect every chance to admit to his obvious crime."
"A defiant suspect winds up on the wrong side of a K-9 bite. A former fianc\u00e9 becomes a neighborhood nuisance when he pays his ex an unwanted visit. A routine traffic stop turns into warrants, pregnancy, and Meth."
"An extremely understanding cop gives a resistant suspect too many chances. A driver reminds us why we should never let a friend borrow our car. A man with a supped-up vehicle tells an awful lie to police."
"A suspect uses bizarre driving techniques to elude cops. A tough officer wades through a forest of denial before finding the crack. Police search for a man accused of shooting up the neighborhood."
"An uncooperative suspect obeys instructions from his more levelheaded relative. A dead ringer for \u201cThe Rock\u201d uncovers some crack rock. Officers try to get the truth out of two known drug users."
"A resistant suspect thinks he sees monsters everywhere. Cops are forced to officiate a spousal wrestling match. Officers try to sort out where two motorists got their car and whose dope they possess."
"A jaywalker darts on a mad dash through the weeds; things go badly for a suspect on a stolen motorcycle when choppers help officers track him down; a domestic dispute leads cops to a slew of unexpected crimes."
"A woman hitches a ride home with the wrong guy; a known prostitute; a domestic partner refuses to leave home and officers intervene."
"A man calls for his wife in jail; a thief tries to give back stolen items; a woman goes from passed out to out of control."
"A man hiding in an attic comes crashing through the ceiling; officers stop a man with a broken car; police respond to a complaint of cursing neighbours."
"A local nuisance is caught bothering people again; a usual suspect with money in his shoe."
"A man takes off on foot after being stopped for drinking while biking; a woman in her pyjamas is found to be using a stolen vehicle; officers find a couple smoking meth in front of a young child."
"A man begs police to shoot him; an intoxicated woman is arrested for domestic assault; officers deal with a dysfunctional family."
Season 28 - Cops
"An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy."
"Cops nab a suspect who tries to escape by hiding in plain sight. A man fires away when he believes his dog is in danger. Paramedics are called when an officer encounters a distraught woman and her catatonic partner."
"Woman bursts into tears when her boyfriend gets pulled over by police. During a sketchy traffic stop, one nervous passenger is quick to cooperate with deputies. A suspect blames the contents of his wallet on a stranger."
"A man behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle leads deputies on a wild pursuit. When a man threatens his brother with a knife, Mom calls the cops. A young couple tells deputies conflicting stories about the car in their possession."
"A handcuffed teen tries to run when deputies turn him over to paramedics; a suspect does his best to keep his lips sealed during a traffic stop; a woman attempts to evict her nephew and his pregnant girlfriend."
"A man tries to throw the cops off his scent by running through a shower. Deputies are called when a belligerent man violates a restraining order. A husband and wife give the police conflicting stories during a traffic stop."
"Officers chase two car thieves through town; a friendship crumbles when police start asking questions; and a deputy stops a man who makes a strange claim about his car."
"A sleeping motorist displays a foul mood when woken up; reports of a suspicious person lead officers to much more; and a young woman offers promises in an attempt to avoid a trip to jail."
"One suspect takes his chances in a ravine after he leads deputies to a dead end. A quick vehicle search turns a family outing into a trip to the slammer. The cops inspect a domestic disturbance between a dad and his teenage son."
"The temptation of being on camera proves to be too much for one car thief. In order to catch an oblivious driver\u2019s attention, officers are forced to disable his car. A woman tries to evade arrest by giving deputies a fake name."
"A reckless driver tries to bail out of a checkpoint but outmaneuvers himself instead. Fingers are pointed fast when cops interview a peculiar group of people. Deputies have to do a little digging to get to the bottom of things."
"A suspected copper thief plays dumb when the cops catch up to him. A jittery cyclist tries to get away with a slippery maneuver. A couple takes their bout of domestic violence to the streets."
"ATV joyriders lead officers on an unwieldy chase. An attempt to check on some expired tags ends with a young couple at gunpoint. A motorist gives deputies his brother\u2019s name in hopes of avoiding jail time."
"A young couple attempts to give the cops the slip during a storm. A motorist tries to resist deputies, but his moves are as outdated as his accessories. Police encounter a suspiciously sweaty man on an eerily dim street."
"An after hours search of a park turns up a young couple in a port-a-potty. An extremely combative man refuses to surrender to officers. A heated argument between best friends catches the attention of the cops."
"An entitled young man thinks that he can tell the police what to do. A known lawbreaker eludes deputies long enough to cause serious damage. Emotions run high when a mother confronts her handcuffed son."
"A man with multiple warrants puts up a fight when faced with a trip to jail. A desperate driver makes a last-minute attempt to hide his crime. A teenager is forced to join the workforce after he makes a costly error."
"A lawbreaker\u2019s polite and respectful demeanor surprises deputies. Suspicious activity at a gas station leads one officer to rely on her instincts. An argument over dinner results in a call to the cops."
"Surveillance footage catches a suspect in the act; officers divide and conquer after a dangerous chase; a suspicious character accuses the cops of being untrustworthy."
"One offender tries to make the rules after deputies place her in cuffs. An unlicensed driver speeds away from a checkpoint with devastating results. Officers do their best to learn the truth from a couple of evasive suspects."
"After a night out on the town, a man loses his friend and finds trouble. Officers stop a vehicle that they believe was involved in an officer-related shooting. A young couple in a parked car strikes officers as suspicious."
"A man with a felony warrant does his best to escape arrest. Things get weird when an agitated man tries to reveal everything to the police. A young man makes poor choices that lead to a broken home."
"A teen leads officers on a dangerous chase yet shows little remorse once captured. A report of a person in distress helps officers identify a group of lawbreakers. An unsuccessful robber has a moment of honesty."
"A man jumps from a moving vehicle to escape the police; a car chase ends with a call to paramedics; an agitated man confuses threatening actions with heroism."
"A suspect plays it cool when officers try to match an abandoned gun to his empty holster; poor choices in a parking lot inspire a life coaching moment; cops learn that good neighbors do exist."
"A suspected car thief ditches his ride when police spot him. Officers are called to a bar when an enraged man pulls out a knife. An argument over a bit of milk takes a violent turn."
"Cops use city cameras to track a suspected motorbike thief; a K-9 unit combs a dark hilltop; a concerned citizen steps in to thwart a pair of would-be mail burglars."
"A homeless man puts up a fight to maintain his freedom; a suspicious man and woman in a parked car catch an officer's attention; a squabble between lovers draws attention to an outstanding warrant."
"A homeless man decides to test the police when he thinks there\u2019s no escape. Good Samaritans catch a man breaking into their neighbor\u2019s car. Officers do their best to resolve a dispute between newlyweds."
"An armed suspect is found in a bloody state; the driver of a stolen car bails when officers pull him over; and officers capture several suspects in two carjacked vehicles."
"Lack of safety equipment calls attention to a lawbreaker; a man is spotted waving a gun around, forcing officers to search homes in the surrounding area; and suspects detained after a car crash have difficulty explaining how they know each other."
Season 29 - Cops
"A motorcyclist gambles with his life during a high-speed chase. One lawbreaker will say anything to avoid being caught. A recent parolee blames Mom when the cops question him about his past."
"A suspect risks life and limb to evade arrest; a father covers up for his violent son; and a malnourished woman reports trespassing ghosts."
"A family is divided after a belligerent man lashes out; deputies grow suspicious of two people in the back of a parked car; and a repeat-offender gets caught at a gas station."
"A father and son get caught up in a traffic stop gone awry. When a family fight escalates, body parts go flying. A disoriented driver can\u2019t believe his luck when deputies follow him to a gas station."
"A deputy encounters an armed man who refuses to comply; a convicted felon tries to escape from jail; and a car rolls into oncoming traffic."
"Cops pursue a bail jumper; a lawbreaker cooperates with a deputy after getting pulled over; and deputies try to remove a violent offender from a crime scene."
"A deputy responds to a neighborhood disturbance where the suspect quickly reveals himself; a man learns a tough lesson about wearing a seatbelt; and police find a sad man with a bizarre story during a traffic stop."
"A desperate trespasser attempts to give the cops the slip. A frightened man tries to get the attention of deputies and takes the wrong approach. Officers show that a little honesty can go a long way."
"A high-speed pursuit ends suddenly when a suspect takes a wrong turn; officers intervene in a lovers' quarrel; and a nervous man tries to hide his criminal act."
"A suspicious man takes his chances with a taser; a lawbreaker tries to convince the cops that he's a good guy; deputies smell something during a traffic stop."
"A jumpy bicyclist mistakenly reveals more than he had planned; officers search a darkened building in an attempt to thwart a robbery in progress; a frightened woman just can't keep her cool when stopped by the cops."
"Cops help a distressed woman escape an abusive fiance; a motorist's passenger causes trouble; and authorities encounter an overly friendly man."
"When a young mother chooses violence, grandma phones the police; cops investigate a suspect about an abused animal; a suspicious group almost gets away without incident but officers spot a curious item that tests positive for drugs; and a wedding event goes south when too much alcohol is involved."
"A frightened, young lawbreaker does everything she can to escape jail; an intoxicated woman puts her children at risk by driving a nearly-totaled truck after multiple collisions; and officers discover a crack pipe in the borrowed car of a man suspected of drug use."
"Emotions run high during a dispute with alcohol and a beloved pet; a talkative motorist struggles to keep his story straight; deputies investigate a domestic incident and find the aggressor in an awkward spot."
"A father reports his son to the cops; a lawbreaker tries to blame his actions on family obligations; and officers come across odd items while searching a man's vehicle."
"A deputy gets outnumbered by three suspects; a man gets in over his head while trying to help a neighbor; and deputies have to separate a husband and wife to do a search of their vehicle."
"A crafty man tries everything to elude police; Good Samaritans put their lives on hold when they spot a violent crime in progress."
"A car chase switches gears when the driver flees on foot; tempers flare between neighbors after some kids get physical; a nervous driver becomes irate when the police search his passenger."
"A felon seeks safe haven and turns to his grandmother; deputies use an old security device from the 1980s; and officers call in animal control after neighbors refuse to return a dog to its owners."
"Deputies encounter a bad car crash and pull a man from the wreckage; cops question a robbery suspect who claims he was actually the victim; and officers come across a young man who claims he has a disorder that causes him to run away."
"Officers chase a parolee down a dead end street; authorities encounter a jealous boyfriend with inconsistencies to his story; and an officer comes to the aid of frustrated citizens."
"A detective gets injured during a chase of a suspected car thief. A young couple get arrested following a bar fight. A search of a suspect's car yields a variety of items."
"Cops question an odd trio. A man asks for medical attention after a heart-pounding experience. A lawbreaker fails to grasp the severity of her situation."
"A woman's job hunt turns sour and officers intervene when she goes to extremes. Also: deputies confront a nervous man with bad habits and officers come across a suspect who thinks his girlfriend is the reason he was caught."
"A young man receives a wake up call when he's caught breaking the law; a traffic stop turns up a nervous trio with a lot to hide; a board game sparks a family feud."
"A desperate suspect flees from the cops after shots are fired; a father and daughter are caught off guard when they run into a man wielding a screwdriver; the police catch a bunch of women making poor choices."
"A defiant motorist can't believe that his mother sides with the law; deputies discover a man in a strange costume during a traffic stop; officers protect a hardworking mom from a couple of surprise visitors."
"An evasive driver tells the police that he's the victim; a pregnant woman makes some questionable choices; a robbery suspect finds comfort in coming clean."
"An irate man has trouble accepting the truth when confronted with his actions; officers question a cagey group to confirm suspicions; an argument between parents becomes violent."
"Officers come to the rescue when a troubled man hits a low point; cops respond to a call when a man starts a food fight in a fit of rage; deputies catch a man off-guard while searching a parking garage."
Season 30 - Cops
"A wanted man makes a desperate decision after he flees on foot. An overprotective girlfriend questions the cops and finds herself in cuffs. A jealous man loses more than his girlfriend after he picks a fight with her son."
"A repeat offender takes the police on a bumpy ride. A deputy schools a couple of teens after he discovers them in a parked car. A woman is shocked when deputies reveal her brother's secret."
"Police search a neighborhood and find a suspect in a tight spot. A pastor calls the cops when a suspicious car parks behind his church. An officer gives valuable advice to a young mother with a troubled past."
"A precarious foot pursuit ends with the suspect in an embarrassing position. A motorist calls the cops when a pedestrian loses his cool. A relationship becomes jeopardized when a man resorts to old habits."
"A chatty motorist becomes agitated when officers start asking questions. Police are shocked when a fleeing driver calls his wife in the middle of a pursuit. Deputies catch a man lying and give him a test to prove his innocence."
"With officers hot on his trail, a wanted suspect's world comes crashing down. A tearful woman calls deputies to help apprehend her hostile husband. During a traffic stop, one passenger tries to outrun the police and his past."
"A suspect turns a small problem into a huge one when he decides to run. A defiant woman reveals her misdeeds, putting her marriage at risk. Deputies investigate a suspicious female, but it's her friend that ends up in handcuffs."
"Surrounded by officers, a driver's sneaky passenger makes a bold move. Tempers flare between roommates after a woman feeds eggs to her dog. A deputy acts swiftly when he spots a dangerous object in the backseat of a vehicle."
"A parolee manages to outrun officers, but his luck quickly runs out. A quarreling couple attracts their neighbors' attention, and police are called to intervene. A disoriented driver blames his freak accident on bad weather."
"Officers use stun guns after an erratic suspect attempts to outsmart them. A lawbreaker tries to convince detectives that they didn't just see him commit a crime. An officer responds to a call to supervise a ridiculous business transaction."
"A first-time offender immediately regrets his destructive decisions. Nothing adds up when an evasive driver tells police that he's the victim of a crime. A deputy encourages a troubled young woman to turn her life around."
"A fleeing suspect tries every lame excuse to get out of going to jail. A sleepy driver asks deputies to hide the truth from his angry wife. Police hear everyone\u2019s story when a trespassing call becomes a neighborhood-wide ordeal."
"A repeat offender runs when officers catch him somewhere he\u2019s not supposed to be. Two teens are slow to stop a bike thief, so police are called to assist. Tensions rise after a questionable roommate situation takes a dark turn."
"An unruly man tries to give police officers the slip. Witnesses call the cops when a well-dressed driver plows through multiple barricades. Even deputies are surprised when a domestic call takes an unexpected turn."
"It\u2019s off to the races when an injured suspect spots his window of opportunity. A man bosses officers around after he\u2019s caught with some unsavory items. Detectives catch a man in a sting, but he still won\u2019t admit to his crime."
"Detectives catch a man in a sting, but he still won't admit to his crime. Officers attempt to track down an armed carjacking suspect. Police arrive at a hectic scene and get help from a witness to set the record straight. A confrontational cyclist blames his bad behavior on anime."
"Officers attempt to track down an armed carjacking suspect; police arrive at a hectic scene and get help from a witness to set the record straight; and a confrontational cyclist blames his bad behavior on anime."
"A reunion of sorts occurs when the police catch up to a familiar face. Emotions run high after a man's mistress causes problems with his wife. Officers have trouble getting a straight answer from a suspicious duo."
"A wanted man makes a break for it with deputies on his trail. Police find themselves in a vehicle pursuit when a driver's fears get the better of him. A traffic stop exposes a car full of people who have something to hide."
"Officers use gloves when they apprehend a skittish suspect with a serious skin condition; a father-to-be quickly learns that running only makes things worse; an aspiring rapper treats officers to a song after he ends up in cuffs."
"Officers subdue an erratic man who is convinced that a wild animal is following him; a birthday celebration quickly goes south when guns get involved; deputies help break up a volatile domestic situation."
"A quiet neighborhood turns into the scene of a dangerous multi-vehicle pursuit; a man down on his luck tries to hide his guilt by ditching some clothes; fists fly when a shopkeeper confronts a man who ripped him off."
"A suspect leaves his uneaten parfait behind after police find more than treats in his pocket; an armed driver tells officers a far-fetched story to justify his weapon; a heated back and forth ends with a call to animal control."
"A vigilant neighbor calls the cops when he sees the downstairs liquor store being robbed; a driver burns bridges with a new friend after he steals her truck; deputies urge a young man to be a better role model for his brother."
"Officers pursue a wanted man and prevent a potentially deadly home invasion; a tense passenger starts mouthing off before deputies can get a word in; police search for a teen's stolen bike and find a man at the end of his rope."
"A half-naked cyclist takes officers on a frantic run through the neighborhood; a suspicious man makes a series of wrong moves in front of his girlfriend; things get weird when police find a woman hiding in a cupboard."
"An out of control driver wants to get back home for a birthday party. A man with big dreams has a hard time telling officers why his fingerprints are on a gun. A trip to buy dog food turns into a run-in with the police."
"Officers wear down their brakes when a daring driver takes them on a wild ride; a chicken breeder has a shady explanation for the items discovered in his car; a trigger-happy man has trouble owning up to his mistakes."
"An out of control driver wants to get back home for a birthday party. A man with big dreams has a hard time telling officers why his fingerprints are on a gun. A trip to buy dog food turns into a run-in with the police."
"Officers step in when a man tries to start a fight with everyone in his neighborhood; a wanted suspect is convinced police told him to take off on his bike; a young, troubled mom gets a second chance to turn her life around."
"A motorcyclist leads officers on a chase down city streets; even a dead car battery doesn't stop a grieving man from eluding the police; a jumpy driver fails to avoid the cops, and gives an awkward apology to his girlfriend."
"A desperate man's last-ditch effort to flee from officers goes down in flames; multiple units work together to diffuse a dangerous situation; deputies keep an eye on a custody battle that involves some expensive groceries."
"No description"
Season 31 - Cops
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"A clueless suspect\u2019s lies fall apart when his victim comes forward with security footage; fear gets the best of a driver when he tries to make a not-so-clean getaway; a late-night trip to the convenience store ends in tears."
"A stubborn suspect prolongs the inevitable when he bargains from a rooftop. Chaos ensues when a nightclub manager confronts the employee who stole his cash. A talkative man insists he meant to get arrested."
"A night of watching football with the family descends into a full-blown fight. A notorious shoplifter wears out officers\u2019 goodwill when he\u2019s found with some stolen goods. A middle-aged suspect admits he can\u2019t escape the streets."
"A kitchen fire rapidly engulfs a house and traps one man on the top floor. A surprisingly calm runaway driver confuses officers when he blames his actions on nerves. A quiet suspect asks police to go easy on him."
"Multiple attempts to stop a fleeing vehicle eventually gain traction; a driver becomes visibly agitated when deputies get closer to uncovering his secret; officers split up when a young cyclist tries to make a quick getaway."
"An impulsive teenager can't stomach the magnitude of his mistake; one woman learns a lesson in not accepting rides from strangers; marital issues spiral out of control when a husband picks his wife up from jail."
"A sluggish suspect gives up when he realizes he can't outrun the law; officers try to piece together the events of a wild fight between neighbors; a vengeful man's plan to extort money from his ex-girlfriend goes awry."
"A driver subjects his wife to a high-speed chase when he decides he's had enough of the police; a paranoid man takes his anger out on his roommates' cars; it's one lie after another when cops catch up to a chatty shoplifter."
"An apologetic man decides to ditch his friend and make a break for it; the passenger of a chaotic car chase swears she doesn't know the driver, but her records say otherwise; cops find a wanted man, but not where they expected."
"A persistent woman doesn't want police to interrupt her late-night bike ride; a reckless motorist gambles with the lives of multiple innocent people; a questionable date night ends with a spun-out car and two pairs of handcuffs."
"Police turn to forensic analysis when two suspects won't take ownership of a sketchy pack of smokes; dinner is ruined after one roommate lets his fists fly; a recent divorcee stands his ground when he thinks he's being set up."
"A distraught man wants to confront his wife over her bold accusations; officers are baffled when a suspect has an elaborate explanation for his belongings; a dishonest driver gets caught in multiple lies."
"A masked suspect lashes out in fear when deputies discover his outstanding warrant; an eccentric woman commits a traffic violation on her way to the nail salon; a physical altercation marks the end of a strained relationship."
"Deputies engage in a suspenseful stand-off with a wanted man; two brothers do their best to play it cool, but police can hear what they're hiding; petty dispute between neighbors turns serious when one resorts to revenge."
"A mouthy passenger keeps everyone on their toes during a routine traffic stop; deputies track down a shoplifter that deals exclusively in baby products; a distressed boyfriend can't take any more of his volatile relationship."
"Deputies are shocked when they find a hit-and-run driver's kid in the backseat; a shoplifting call leads officers to one mad woman and some unsavory items; a fed-up man calls the cops when his stepson starts acting erratically."
"A man tries to jump out of a car when his friend takes him on a high-speed chase; a na\u00efve man puts himself in danger when he tries to make a quick buck; a deputy investigates a familiar man he finds walking down a dark road."
"A wanted felon makes a brazen attempt to outsmart and outrun deputies; undercover officers conduct a sting in an area known for prostitution; a domestic dispute between cousins goes too far when someone pulls out a knife."
"A violent man who threatened his neighbors redirects his anger toward deputies; one suspect vehemently blames his friend for the items found in his pants; a driver in crisis gambles with everyone's lives, including his own."
"A traffic stop takes a surprising turn when a suspect creates a spur-of-the-moment diversion; a man refuses to give his real name, but officers find a hint in plain sight; a soft-spoken driver has difficulty being upfront."
"A wanted female gives deputies a fake name, but her brother accidentally reveals the truth; canned vegetables go flying during a fight between roommates; two officers help a couple understand that honesty is the best policy."
"A defiant cyclist recalls a different version of the events leading up to his arrest; deputies respond to a disturbance involving a belligerent man and barbecue sauce; a slow-speed chase ends at the driver's girlfriend's house."
"In a desperate bid to avoid jail, a wanted man sprints across multiple lanes of traffic; a heated argument is taken to the next level when a woman starts smashing windows; a short-tempered driver takes his road rage way too far."
"A zebra is on the loose."
Season 32 - Cops
"A shop owner gets a big surprise when a runaway offender hides in her store; deputies pull over a moving van and find more than furniture in the back; police confront a woman about trespassing for the third time in a week."
"Everyone is on edge after a deranged man harasses his sister and her coworkers; a driver plays innocent during a traffic stop, but his passengers call his bluff; a man with a checkered past vows to do better by his young son."
"A young man turns on his crew after their night of joyriding gets cut short; an unlucky pizza delivery driver flags down police after getting robbed; Deputies identify a distinctive scent when they pull over a suspicious car."
"Deputies react quickly and nab a suspect with a penchant for identity theft; two women learn the value of keeping track of what's in their bags; police help a high school student understand that his parents just want the best for him."
"A man in cuffs tries to bet deputies that he can outrun them next time; a teenager can't deny the evidence that places him at the scene of a robbery; sparks go flying when a trucker takes his whole family on a high-speed chase."
"A protective mother tries to hide her daughter deputies... and consequences; police search for the key to a mysterious glove compartment; a rideshare driver gets pulled over when her passenger raises deputies' suspicions."
"Emotions run high after a mom with a warrant fails to elude deputies; police pull over a habitual traffic offender after they spot him behind the wheel; cops roll up to a reported fight and find evidence of a bloody argument."
"A wanted burglary suspect exhausts himself after jumping too many fences; officers engage in a tense standoff with a felon who won't come out of his grandma's house; things go south for a man with a questionable-looking moped."
"A convenience store confrontation turns into a parking lot skirmish; an uncoordinated car passenger attracts deputies' attention; a suspicious man swears he peeked into a closed store because he wanted to read their menu."
"Nerves get the better of one woman when she tries to elude a deputy on a bike; deputies come to a decision after two animated exes tell their sides of the story; a man's choice in seasonings raises a red flag for police."
"A driver tries to escape through an occupied driveway, a man and his dad are found possessing more than just drugs, and five teenagers learn how weed can impact their future."
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30 Mar 2020
"A man gets busted during a drug deal, a cyclist gets confused when an officer finds narcotics in his pants, and officers respond to reports of gunfire."
Season 33 - Cops
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