Escape the Night

In this surreality competition series, 10 guests are invited from the modern world to attend a dinner at the host's newly acquired mansion estate, which has been locked in the 1920's. This is a dinner party to die for. No one is safe.


Actor:Joey Graceffa

Director:Joey Graceffa


Duration:23 min




Season 1 - Escape the Night
"The guests arrive at the house and their dinner party meets with a tragic end (the death of a guest). They discover the house is evil and they must gather special artifacts to free themselves from it."
"The guests work through a mad scientist\u2019s clues and end up facing his most evil creation, the \u201cUngodly Machine.\u201d"
"The guests perform a seance to learn the location of a grave only to find one of them must be buried inside it."
"The guests uncover clues hidden inside macabre mannequin displays that represent a serial killers\u2019 finest works."
"The guests must defeat the houses\u2019 monstrous guardian by summoning the wicked circus he was stolen from."
"The guests exorcise a legion of evil spirits trapped in a young girl to free a former owner trapped in the house."
"The guests uncover secrets at the bottom of the pool to free a wicked mermaid who once owned the house."
"The guests \u201cgo to war\u201d in an attempt to uncover a stash of stolen WWI gold to free a former owner."
"The guests find a mad man escaped from an asylum and must enter his violent and terrifying hallucinations in order to free him from the house. In the process, they discover who among them is in league with the evil of the house."
"The guests discover they have been betrayed by Arthur the Butler, a former confidence man, and must unravel clues while being hunted by him and the house staff."
"Relive \"Escape the Night\" with Joey Graceffa as he looks back on the top kills of the season."
"Take a look at the making of \"Escape the Night\" in this behind-the-scenes documentary."
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Season 2 - Escape the Night
"Ten YouTubers travel through time to attend a Victorian ball at an estate like no other, and soon begin unlocking mysteries and discovering evil forces that are conspiring against them."
"The guests must disguise themselves in the bloodiest of masquerades if they want to slay the king of vampires and get back home."
"The Sorceress unleashes an evil spider on the guests and they must escape her dangerous web in order to save themselves."
"The guests are divided and must wage war against each other to see who will face the dark army in the final challenge."
"When an evil Gingerbread Woman traps unsuspecting children in an oven, the guests must fight to free them before it\u2019s too late."
"The guests venture into a realm of fantasy in hopes of recovering the next gem, but first they must outmaneuver the Ice Witch and her wicked harpies."
"The self-destruct system has been enabled in the estate and the guests must race against time to satisfy the horrifying demands of the system\u2019s creator."
"It is now midnight and the guests find themselves being hunted by a most unexpected enemy -- werewolves."
"The guests must battle a horrifying demon and find their way into the dark dimension to recover the last gem."
"The Sorceress unleashes a legion of villains on the last remaining guests, forcing them to literally run for their lives if they want to escape her spell."
"A behind-the-scenes look at the creation and design of some of Season Two\u2019s most terrifying monsters."
"A behind-the-scenes look at the YouTubers and their all-night filming antics during Season Two."
Season 3 - Escape the Night
"Ten YouTube friends find themselves trapped in Everlock, a funky town stuck in the year 1978. What seems like a fun carnival turns to chaos as Joey and friends soon discover they must fight against killer clowns and evil forces to save themselves and the town. Joey hides a dark secret."
"All hope seems lost when Joey and friends are captured by the Killer Clowns. The group learns they must restore the Carnival Master\u2019s wicked artifacts to free the town\u2014a mission that will require two to undertake a battle to the death."
"A spy is caught, but Joey and his friends learn that the real treachery is among them. They also learn the location of the next artifact, but at a cost."
"A dead body is tossed from the balcony, giving a clue about the third artifact. The YouTubers form two hunting parties, but the team that fails to recover the missing pieces must face off against the Man with No Name."
"A strong man is in town and the YouTubers must prove who amongst them is strongest. Joey reveals the dark secret he\u2019s desperately been trying to keep. As his friends turn on him, they must also try to claim the fourth artifact."
"The doll maker\u2019s puppets come to life, chasing Joey and his friends. The only way the YouTubers can cleanse the new artifact is by uncovering the mysterious Maiden of Madness and locking someone inside her."
"The Funhouse is open for business. Bloody business. The YouTubers must survive its twisted rooms. Just when they think they\u2019ve mastered all its tricks, the Funhouse has one final twist that leaves them all in shock."
"The Wicked Witches have been cursing the people of Everlock, and the YouTubers are next. The remaining few must quickly undo the curses in order to cleanse the seventh artifact\u2026 or so they think."
"The Carnival Master\u2019s daughter turns one YouTuber against the others. As friends fight friends, the daughter\u2019s flesh-eating pet demon must be slain if the YouTubers want to cleanse the final artifact."
"The YouTubers make their way into the Carnival Master\u2019s lair only to find things are not as they once thought. With the undead chasing them, Joey and the last two survivors race across town facing their final challenges before sunrise."
"Go behind the scenes of the making of season three of Escape The Night with your favorite YouTubers as they try and survive the terrors of Everlock on and off camera."
"The Carnival Master and his motley crew of monsters share the inner workings of their depraved and unusual lives as the villains of Everlock in this comedic mockumentary."
Season 4 - Escape the Night
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